AWKWARD: Steve Harvey Crowns Wrong Miss Universe, World Cringes

by Ashley Austrew

Steve Harvey crowned the wrong Miss Universe and the internet can’t stop laughing.

Steve Harvey had a worse day than all of us yesterday when he announced the wrong winner during the Miss Universe pageant. In what will easily beat out all the competition for most awkward video of the year, Harvey is shown announcing Miss Colombia as the winner of the pageant. She’s crowned and goes through the whole wave, walk around the stage, and blow kisses rigamarole before Harvey finally appears — a full three minutes later — to be like, “Oh wait, I meant Miss Philippines.”

Image via Youtube

Oh, Steve.

The comedian apologized profusely for his mistake, reminding the audience that it was his fault for misreading his card and asking them to please not take it out on the contestants. He later took to Twitter to apologize again…and spelled the names of both countries incorrectly: Columbia and Phillipians.

Harvey quickly deleted the tweet and posted a new one with the countries spelled correctly, but the mistake only added insult to injury, and his Twitter roasting had already begun.

Of course, some people were genuinely pissed, and they made their voices heard too, but they were mostly drowned out by the sea of jokesters and people tweeting that Harvey was admirable for owning up to his huge mistake. Can you even imagine having to walk out on stage and correct that big of a mistake in front of that many people? I would’ve just curled up in a ball backstage and refused to ever be seen in public again.

Harvey’s screw up was definitely a late entry into the Most Awkward Moments of the year competition — and let’s face it: he’s the winner of that contest — but he tried his hardest to make up for it, and that’s what counts. At the end of the day, the correct person went home with the crown, and even though it royally sucks for Miss Colombia, the worst thing she got out of the deal was a few seconds in the spotlight and a bruised ego.

As for Harvey, well, let’s just say we’ll all be questioning every Harvey-hosted episode of “Family Feud” we see from now on. Maybe they should hire someone else to read the winners’ names. I hear Miss Colombia has some free time.

(Featured image via Ethan Miller/Getty)