'Stop Being A Fat B*tch' May Be The Worst Name For A Diet Plan, Ever

by Maria Guido

Behold the worst name for a weight loss plan, ever

The day after Christmas, Australian nutritionist Lola Berry made an announcement on her Facebook page: her long-awaited weight loss plan had arrived. Berry — who describes herself as someone “inspired to better everyday lives” — debuted the plan, called “Stop Being A Fat Bitch.” There’s been a significant backlash. Turns out women don’t love being called “fat bitches.” Who knew?

“It’s all about changing your mindset to achieve your health goals,” says Berry. Sure! You just don’t hate yourself enough, ladies. STOP BEING A FAT BITCH. Look in the mirror and repeat that several times a day. That should make you feel better and look better.

Of course there was an immediate backlash, because fancying yourself a champion of self care — then naming a book Stop Being A Fat Bitch — is so stupid it’s infuriating. Her fans questioned whether it was supposed to be a “joke.” Many slammed it for being a “degrading title” and some even predicted that her ill-conceived PR stunt would be a “career killer.” She responded very quickly with this statement, and also a video of herself crying whilst apologizing:

I’m really sorry the name of the eating plan has upset lots of people, that’s not my intention at all. The whole point of it was to evoke a change in self talk, but I can see how it’s too strong and I’m sorry for that. The content is all about changing your mindset to achieve your health goals. So, I would love you guys to name it. What would you like it to be called?

What would you like it to be called? How about literally anything besides Stop Being a Fat Bitch? Mary Elizabeth Williams of Salon hypothesizes that Berry may have been trying to ride the wave of success the “Skinny Bitch” brand has enjoyed: “maybe it was meant as a hopeful nod to the runaway decade of success of the bonkers advice and the mean girl voice of the “Skinny B_tch” empire?” Maybe, but this is a fail. One of her fans eloquently stated, “‘Fat’ women don’t need any help with self hatred. We usually carry it around with us as a visible reminder. Bitch a word used by (primarily) males to shame and assert dominance over women who don’t conform to society’s ideal- it’s not motivational, it’s demeaning and petty.”

Whatever the title was meant to do, it failed. Or did it? One should never assume ignorance — especially when it comes to launching a brand.