Stop Playing Your Loud Ass Music In Public

by Sa'iyda Shabazz
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As a person who has always lived in a major city and often takes public transit, I have encountered my fair share of extremely annoying and rude people. It’s practically a way of life. To be fair, I know that assholes are everywhere, from the line at the bank to the parking lot at Target. I am generally annoyed by all assholes, but I have something to get off my chest.

I fucking hate people who use their electronics at top volume in public. Talking loudly on your phone, watching YouTube videos, or listening to your music without headphones — all of it drives me up the wall. That is literally why headphones were invented, so you can listen to whatever you want without the entire world having to hear it.

It shouldn’t have to be said, but apparently it does. It’s not just inconsiderate, it’s actually breaking the law. Most cities have different noise rules and ordinances in place for a reason, so what makes you think that you’re above the rules? There can be a sign that says “No Radio Playing,” and then there’s someone sitting under it listening to loud music. What the actual fuck?

Look, you can listen to whatever music you want. That’s your choice. But that doesn’t mean that everyone within five feet of you needs to listen to it too. Not only am I thinking that you’re a total asshole, I’m judging your shitty taste in music. Because it’s always the people with the worst taste in music who seem to think everyone wants to hear the garbage they’re listening to. Well, guess what? We definitely don’t.

You know, you can find headphones in most stores, and you don’t have to buy expensive ones; I spent like ten bucks on a pair at Target.

And don’t even get me started on people who talk loudly on their phones while they’re out in public. Okay, I’m already thinking about it, and now I’m annoyed, so let’s do this.

Do you not know how to speak at a reasonable volume? Do you not care that everyone now knows all of your business?

I was once sitting on a bus in NYC, and a woman was having a battle with her baby daddy about him not paying his child support. On a crowded bus. In the middle of the day.

That’s a whole lot of information that a whole lot of people did not need to know.

I mean, I get it, sometimes you need to take a call while you’re in public. I’m not saying don’t answer the call. I do it myself. But when it’s something that personal, then you really should try to arrange another time to have the call. See also: common courtesy. Because if you have to take such a personal call while you’re out in public, for the love of all that is good and holy, don’t yell! I was trying my best to ignore you, and you have invited me into your conversation.

And another thing. If you’re going to let your kids watch YouTube or play games on your phone, which I’m definitely not going to judge you for because I do it all the time, your phone has a volume button for a reason. My son knows that when we’re out, he can’t watch YouTube at full volume. No one wants to hear that freaking Finger Family song at top volume while they’re trying to enjoy their lunch. I mean, I’m sitting next to him and I don’t want to hear it, so please, keep “Five Little Monkeys” at a reasonable volume.

Look, what this really boils down to is, don’t be a dick. It’s not that hard to be considerate of the people around you when you’re in a public space. Your auditory preferences do not take precedence over mine simply because you’ve chosen to ignore common decency.

People who play their music loudly in public are on the same level as people who don’t return their shopping carts. There is no real reason for them to be assholes and yet they make the conscious decision to go ahead and be just that. When it’s so easy to be a decent person, why choose to be a shitty one?

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