Stouffer's Is Selling Lasagna Merch And We Need It All

by Julie Scagell

Stouffer’s isn’t just a line of frozen foods anymore — it’s a whole look

Lasagna (and fashion) lovers, you are in for a treat. Stouffer’s just launched its first-ever merchandise line featuring food-themed apparel and it includes an insulated fanny pack for you to store your lasagna. I mean, talk about wardrobe basics.

The days of taking long hikes without the ability to nosh on some hot pasta are officially over. Now, you just need to heat your lasagna up, shove it the insulated pack, and voila — a hearty snack is but a zipper away. Plus, it comes with an adjustable waist strap and buckle closure so you’ll look as cool as you feel.

But wait, there’s more.

If Stouffer’s lasagna isn’t your jam, there is still plenty of options for you or a loved one this holiday season. Cheese lovers will appreciate this “Don’t Talk To Me Until I’ve Had My Mac & Cheese” mug and this adorable “Mac & Cheese Is Self-Care” t-shirt.

But I would offer you’re not fully committed as a Mac & Cheese Top Fan unless you are literally covered in it from head to toe in this sweatsuit. Sure, it’s $95 but high fashion isn’t cheap.

There’s also a “Let’s Canoodle” Sherpa Lined Micro Mink blanket for $50. It’s a little on the high side but with winter coming you’ll need a blanket and favorite person to canoodle with (pets qualify).

Speaking of staying warm, don’t miss this lasagna-inspired “Layer Up” sweatshirt or this “Live. Laugh. Love. Lasagna” t-shirt.

“Additional pieces will be added to the shop throughout the holiday shopping season,” a spokesperson for the brand confirmed, which is perfect because it makes shopping for all our friends and family fairly easy this year.

As odd as it is to see our favorite frozen food in clothing form, Stouffer’s aren’t the first major brand to debut its own apparel. In recent months, Franzia boxed wine launched an online shop with clothing, necklaces, and Franzia-dispensing backpacks. Red Lobster also dropped a merchandise line that included its own insulated fanny pack that comes inside a sweater. Of course, that one should be worn with only its cheese biscuits inside. The good news for us all is we can wear the lasagna fanny pack whilst donning a Red Lobster sweater with a wine backpack in tow. It’s the win-win-win that 2020 needed.

The collection also includes several puzzles, socks, hats, and hair scrunchies, which are all available online beginning today or are shown as “coming soon” at the site. What a time to be alive.