Prepare To Ugly Cry When You See How This Girl Surprised Her Prom Date

by Thea Glassman
Image via @aeonianlife

She surprised her prom date in the most emotional way — get your Kleenex out

Here’s a little sliver of something really, really good: a high school student surprised her prom date by walking on her own for the first time in months, and his reaction was complete earnest, precious gold.

Warning: there is video footage, and it will make you feel very weepy.

Twitter user @aeonianlife hasn’t been able to walk for most of this year. She explained in a social media post that surgery “took a wrong turn” and she was diagnosed with a conversion disorder, which effects the neurological system. By the time prom rolled around, ten months later, she was finally able to walk on her own two feet. She was still a little wobbly, but she could do it.

She decided to surprise her prom date with the good news, and the whole scene was captured on video. It took her date a second to process the whole walking reveal, because he seemed so blown away by how good she looked. Then, there’s a huge moment of shock (he literally staggered back) and lots and lots of happy tears. “How did you do that?” he said, between hugs. “Y’all got me good.”

If you’re currently feeling overwhelmed by the pure goodness and happiness of this moment, you are not alone. Everyone is bursting with joy and tears and applause in the replies. And I mean, everyone. (If you haven’t spent much time on Twitter before — that’s a big, big deal.)

Some users shared their own experiences and expressed the joy of seeing this woman standing on her own two feet.

I mean, just LOOK at her. *Sigh.* I am now officially a believer that prom night is actually a very, very magical thing — which is something my high school self literally never thought I’d say.

Hopefully the duo had an amazing time at the dance. We’ll all probably be sobbing ugly, happy tears for days to come.