Teacher's Beloved Cat Dies, Students Surprise Her With Rescue Kittens

by Mike Julianelle

A couple of high school students surprised their math teacher with two kittens after her cat passed away

Getting into a good college is harder than ever these days. You need a high GPA, a controversy-free social media footprint, plenty of extra curriculars, and some solid recommendations.

There are a couple of students at Joshua High School in Texas who should have that last part locked down after presenting their teacher, whose beloved 16-year-old cat had passed away the day before, with a pair of new kittens!

According to BuzzFeed, two students in Tonya Andrews’ math class, Ashlei Mahan and Rachel Hanhart, surprised their teacher with flowers, cupcakes, balloons, and one gift that wouldn’t wilt or get eaten (hopefully): two cuddly, tiny kittens.

Wow. Back in my day, we gave teachers apples! (This isn’t actually true. I went to high school in the nineties and I never gave my teachers anything but a hard time.)

The students knew their teacher was distraught at the loss of her cat, having witnessing her break down in tears when informing the class that her cat had died. That’s when Rachel and Ashlei sprung into action, using Twitter to search for kittens, having already learned that Andrews was already planning to visit a shelter herself.

The kids are being praised for their kindness, which is admirable, and it’s clear they are industrious. But the thing that impresses me the most is their ability to actually hand those cats over. If I had two kittens in my possession right now, you’d literally have to pry them from my cold dead hands to get them away from me. There should be a second amendment for kittens. WE HAVE THE RIGHT TO BEAR KITTENS!

Sorry. I’m a cat person. And yes, I’m a man. Don’t judge me!

Despite their new-found fifteen minutes of internet fame, and basically assuring themselves the most glowing college recommendation letters in the history of western civilization, Rachel swears their motives were pure. “Mrs. Andrews doesn’t know about her fame yet, but we certainly didn’t do it for this. Her happiness was the most amazing part.”


Either they’re the world’s nicest teenagers or the world’s best suck-ups, but one thing is for sure, these kids are going places. Hopefully those places include my house, with more kittens.