Love ‘Succession’? You must watch ‘Discussion.’


Love ‘Succession’? You must watch ‘Discussion.’

by Alison Bucalo

The holidays are a wonderful time to spend with the family, but what happens when everyone wants to host? In this parody of HBO’s Succession, you will get a hilarious look at what would happen if the Roys were just like us. The all-American family, living the all-American dream bickering over who will host the holiday meal.

Yes, Ken can be extravagant and Roman just wants to chill. Shiv can be demanding, and Greg, the cousin, he just wants to help (but let’s be honest: No one ever wants to go to the cousins). Sound familiar?

Shiv does make a great point that no one really understands the amount of planning and coordination that goes into preparing a holiday meal, and we feel seen. Meanwhile, Kendall is team blow-up Rudolph on the lawn, and Greg, well, he is just trying to score a lady’s phone number. Typical.

So if you need a laugh at dysfunctional families who can’t agree on mistletoe, this video is for you. Watch as this cast of characters plead their case as to who will be the “one” to host the family. The look-alikes are uncanny, the wardrobes are fire, and this crew is giving life now that the season finale of Succession has left a void in our hearts.

Wish you could just hop in your private jet and get the hell out of town and escape it all? Same. Here’s to families who fight over roasting pans! Happy holidays from our hot mess family to yours.