The New 'Supermarket Sweep' Premieres Next Month And It Looks Amazing

by Julie Scagell
The New 'Supermarket Sweep' Premieres Next Month And It Looks Amazing
Supermarket Sweep/Instagram

Get ready to do nothing on Sundays but watch the new “Supermarket Sweep”

We’ve all heard by now that a new version of the iconic Supermarket Sweep will be coming but no one knew when, especially given the current pandemic situation. But it turns out we only need to be patient a little bit longer because ABC just announced it’s coming October 18.

The new show, hosted by the hilarious Leslie Jones, will be delivered to our living rooms on Sunday nights beginning in mid-October. We first learned about Jones as the host after she announced she was leaving SNL. “You can shop around, but it doesn’t get any more fun than this,” she proclaimed at the time, sharing a clip of the show. Now, we have a longer teaser which is making October 18 seem very far away.

The ’60s show that was first rebooted in the ’90s made grocery shopping seem like an actually fun event and if we could all potentially make money while shopping, I think we’d all feel a little more excited about this chore.

According to The LA Times, the show was shot during the pandemic with a lot of care in mind. There was frequent testing and social distancing as well as “hand-sanitizing stations, protective equipment and limited contact—all in compliance with suggestions issued by Hollywood’s unions, as well as state and local guidelines. Electrostatic sprayers were used to disinfect the grocery items, allowing for a large swath of inventory to be sanitized more quickly,” according to the report.

Netflix recently released 15 glorious episodes of the 1990s version of the classic game show so fans could get reacquainted with the joys of competitive grocery shopping. If you are unfamiliar with the show, please take this long holiday weekend to watch so you’ll be completely up to speed and ready to calculate the price of those giant hams come October.

If you simply don’t have time, here’s a quick synopsis. Players in teams of two answer trivia questions and a right answer means more time added to the clock for their eventual SWEEP, where contestants race through the grocery store to collect items that will add up to the highest priced cart-full in the end. Whoever spent the most wins which is simply not how real life works which makes it even more fun to watch.

Add in Leslie Jones and this show is sure to become a fan favorite this fall. Plus, the show now has a $100,000 grand prize so we can yell expletives at them from the comfort of our couches and cheers the winner on the weekly. Sounds like a nice little Sunday to me.