Supermodel Mom Shuts Down Formula-Shamers With One Epic Instagram Post

by Ashley Austrew
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Canadian supermodel Coco Rocha may lead a charmed life, but it turns out even star status can’t shield you from the formula-shamers.

Rocha and her family were vacationing in Oahu when she shared a screenshot of a text message conversation she had with a virtual assistant service called GoButler. In the message, she asks where she can find formula for her six-month-old daughter, Ioni, and they promise to have a can of Similac delivered to the front desk of her hotel in 30 minutes.

To me, that scenario sounds like a dream, but to others? Well, you know how the internet is. Some people pounced on Rocha for using a service like GoButler to have things delivered to her at all — how dare you enjoy a little convenience on your vacation, Coco! — but others went straight for the jugular and attacked her for her decision to formula feed.

Luckily, Rocha is a badass and fired back with probably the best response to mom-shamers I’ve ever seen. Here’s what she posted on Instagram:

In case you can’t quite read all of that, she wrote that she loved breastfeeding her baby for 5 months, but is now using formula because her milk went dry. She ends the dismissal with, “Anyone who has a negative comment to make on the way I raise my baby will be blocked. This is not a democracy. Everyone doesn’t get a say.”

Girl, preach.

As a formula mom, it’s really refreshing to see a celebrity going to bat for formula. Normally they’re sharing gorgeous, ethereal photos of themselves breastfeeding while doing yoga or talking about how breast milk is basically a magical elixir derived from the Tree Of Life. I completely support a woman’s right to breastfeed and all of the efforts to normalize it, but it’s so rare to see people — especially famous people — discuss formula without making it sound shameful or apologizing for using it.

Even more than that, though, I love Rocha’s attitude about parenting. As kids grow older, you become way more confident as a parent and it gets easier to stand up for your choices. Not everyone feels that way when their baby is only six months old, though. Her brash, bold take-down of people who question her choices is inspiring, and frankly, I think more moms should adopt her attitude.

Despite our current trend of turning every parenting choice into a fiery debate, parenting is not a democracy. It’s not up to people to decide how you feed your baby or what kind of diapers you use. Instead of entertaining people’s ridiculous opinions and unwanted advice, we should be kicking that garbage to the curb just like Rocha. She even made good on her threat and deleted all the negative comments on the original post. Be supportive or get out — now there’s a parenting philosophy I can get behind.

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