Tales From Pantsuit Nation: I'm With Her

by Scary Mommy
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As the mother of a Latino child who was told by another child at school, as a matter of fact, that if Trump is president he would be sent back to Guatemala (not even meant cruelly, just as fact…maybe that’s worse). As the mother of a Latino child who will soon be a Latino man. As the mother of a child who is an immigrant. As the mother of a child who is often the only child of color in sight.

As the daughter of a father who supported HRC 100% but died this summer before he could vote. As the daughter of a woman who ran for local office when I was just a baby, who worked full time because she loved it, who taught me I can be anything I want to be.

As the wife of a man who stayed home with our son for 6 months while I worked to support our family, and has been to every single birthday party, school meeting, and sporting event in 10 years—and also now cooks every night for all of us.

As a woman whose first “kiss” was being shoved to the floor in an empty room at a party and held down with a tongue being jammed down my throat (and had to pretend to like it to get out safely.) As a woman who was harassed in college for working with the administration to set up a mandatory rape education for fraternities on campus after a woman in my dorm was gang raped at a party.

I voted today.

For my dad, for my mom, for my husband, for my son and his future, for the girl in my dorm, for the planet, for every single one of us. #Imwithher

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