Tales From Pantsuit Nation: I Am With You

by Maria Guido
Originally Published: 

Because my Portuguese grandmother lived in Florida during the time of Jim Crow laws was asked time and again to leave a restaurant or bathroom because of her dark sun loving skin.

Because my son, despite my husband’s fair complexion and blue eyes, was born with that gorgeous skin and that tight curly black hair, and has been asked by adults repeatedly why is his skin so dark when his sisters are so much fairer, even though their faces are so similar.

Because we have to stop seeing each other as a color when we are all the same and I don’t want my children to live in a time and place where they are compartmentalized into a box for someone’s ideological comfort.

Because I have two beautiful, strong daughters that will set this world on fire and do not need anyone’s permission to do so.

Because I am a blue-haired, 43 year old, adored wife of a lifelong Republican who would rather sit out this election (still working on him to jump teams) than not support me.

Because I was a child of teen parents who couldn’t support a family and relied on food stamps, welfare and free lunch while living in rooms above a woman’s residence where our bathroom was outside the front door and now I am blessed to be comfortable top 1%, never ever forgetting how life’s circumstances often have nothing to do with the worthiness of someone or their drive, passion or intelligence and that EVERYONE deserves their chance.

Because I am hopeful that although 90% of our friends are supporting Trump (tax reasons I would expect) that they see that in their hearts they really back another candidate.

Because I am choosing hope and love above all the hate, judgement and divisiveness.

Because I think she can do this (and I am fighting paralyzingly fear posting this for fear of jinxing her.)

I am with you.

I. Am. With. Her.

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