Every Mom-To-Be Needs To Know About This Target Baby Registry Perk

by Valerie Williams
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Image via Facebook/Kendall Rucker

New moms registering at Target get a fun gift — all they have to do is ask

Once that pregnancy test comes up positive (or adoption is finalized!) you should pretty much move in at your local Target. Not only does our mecca have everything a mom needs to be happy, it also has everything a baby needs to be… well, bearable? Anyway, it all starts with the registry, and while many expecting parents know that Target is the place to be when it comes to new baby needs, they might not know about the fun perk that awaits them should they register with the store.

Luckily, a post from mom-to-be Kendall Rucker alerting new moms to some very cool information has gone super viral. Rucker shares that any parent registering at Target for their impending addition is entitled to a very handy gift bag full of fun baby stuff. All you have to do is ask.

She writes, alongside photos of that ever-so-familiar red cart, “If you have created a baby registry at Target, go to guest services, tell them that you made a registry online and would like to pick up your baby bag.”

What’s inside, you ask? Pretty much everything. “You get 2 bottles (1 Avent & 1 Dr. Brown), a pacifier (Nuk), Aveeno and Dove baby samples, as well as diapers (Up & Up Brand, Pampers, AND even Honest Company) for FREE. The goodie bag also has more samples for both Momma and baby. There’s even a 50% off coupon for Starbucks inside!”

OK, you had me at Starbucks. There’s one inside most Target stores and how else do new moms stay awake while wandering those glorious aisles and picking up everything from wine to diapers? GIMME IT.

So as it turns out, this info is pretty obvious if you go to Target’s registry page, but clearly, plenty of moms didn’t notice it based on Rucker’s post blowing up. It’s been shared well over 100,000 times in just a few days — because everyone and their sister is tagging all the pregnant ladies they know so they can scurry to Target and pick up their own adorable haul.

Some might say this isn’t a whole lot of free stuff considering everything a little one needs in those early months, but it’s a heck of a start for a diaper bag stash or a few things to keep at Grandma’s house. Babies are expensive and Target is clearly on our side. Consider this useful perk just one more reason to give them all your money.

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