Go Out Right Now And Buy Target's New 'Girl Power' Shirts For The Whole Family

by Christina Marfice
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Image via Target

Target’s new family T-shirt collections have the messages girls need to hear

Instilling feminist values in young kids is pretty easy. You just start ’em young, teaching them that women and girls can do absolutely anything men and boys can do, and that ladies are strong and powerful and valuable. And thanks to this new collection of T-shirts, we have a new tool for doing that.

A new line from Target offers three different collections of matching family tees and onesies for infants, toddlers, kids and women. Each collection features a different phrase that evokes fierce girl power and also, mom appreciation. Needless to say, we’re in love.

There’s this sweet set, which reads “Giving it all I’ve got” on mom’s shirt, and “I got it from my Momma” on all the kids’ sizes. You know you want to rock these this Mother’s Day.

Image via Target

Or these adorable shirts, which read “Mom love grows stronger every day” on the women’s tee, and “Stronger every day thanks to Mom” on the matching versions for the kids.

Image via Target

If you want to really get the whole family on board to send a message that girl power is here to stay, there’s this set, which includes a men’s tee along with women’s, kid’s and infant sizes, and reads “Never underestimate the power of women and girls.”

Image via Target

These are messages we can truly get behind. Plus, matching family outfits are never a bad idea.

And let’s face it: In this day and age, girls need to hear early and often how powerful they are. They need to carry on with standing up to the patriarchy and toxic masculinity and culture that has normalized sexual harassment and victim blaming. These empowering messages need to come at them from all angles, including their clothes. And if the rest of the family is wearing girl power tees, too, well, that will just make the message a little bit louder, which is definitely a good thing.

Of course this collection comes from Target, which is already pretty much our collective happy place. And considering it’s the store that already brought us adaptive clothes for kids with disabilities, gender neutral kids’ lines, and inclusive bathrooms for folks of all genders, this is really just one more reason to love the store that we already love.

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