'Target Troll' Is Back, Posing As Doritos To Hilariously Shut Down Homophobes

by Maria Guido
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Sometimes the only thing you can do when you realize there is still so much homophobia and small-mindedness in the world is sit back and make fun of people who have not yet evolved to the point where they realize everyone is equal and valuable. The infamous “Target Troll” is at it again — this time targeting homophobes who are lashing out at Doritos for supporting a project that aims to prevent suicide in LGBT youth.

Remember Mike Melgaard? He hilariously trolled haters on the Target Facebook page when the company announced it would be ending gender-based marketing for toys. He’s baaaaack. This time he’s trolling all the homophobes who are pissed that Doritos launched Rainbow Doritos in support of Dan Savage’s It Gets Better project. What kind of person doesn’t support the effort to end teen suicide? Dan Savage started the project in 2010 in response to a number of students taking their own lives after being bullied and harassed. It is truly an amazing effort, and I want to buy a giant bag of Doritos right now in support of a company supporting it. But back to the troll.

He’s up to his old antics – and man is he funny. Someone really needs to pay him for this. Is professional troll a career? Melgaard makes a damn good argument for its existence.

My life matters! And to prove how much it matters, I will no longer be eating Doritos whilst wrapped in my confederate flag.

Great idea! Bandwagon liberal agenda Doritos! What shape would ‘decency’ be?

Oh, my.

Yes, there’s a typo – but this one was too good to leave out.


I always look for Doritos when I’m traveling the world.

Jesus would totally eat Doritos.

We have to laugh to keep from crying. Because when you realize there are still so many people who are so proud of their homophobia that they would post comments like these next to their names and photos — protesting an organization that aims to end teen suicide, harassment, and bullying – you just want to throw your hands up in the air and give up.

Please never stop, Mike Melgaard. You’re saying all the things these companies wish they could.

100% of the proceeds from the sale of the chips go to the It Gets Better project. Donate and get your own bag!

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