Target's Turning Shopping Carts Into Mario Karts And We Have So Many Questions

by Valerie Williams
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Target’s celebrating the release of Mario Kart 8 with special carts and other surprises

Target, we love you so. You make us comfy when we have to breastfeed, your bathrooms are inclusive, and you sell the best throw pillows and lip gloss a girl could ever want. But every now and then, you make us scratch our heads. Like with your announcement about turning your shopping carts into Mario Karts.

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Of course it won’t stop us from walking through the doors of our local Target three times a week, but as of yesterday, any aisle in more than 650 Target locations could become an impromptu Mario Kart racetrack. In anticipation of the April 28th release of Mario Kart 8 for the Nintendo Switch, Target is going full Mario, turning some carts in each of the chosen locations into Mario carts.

An announcement on their website reads, “Always dreamed of driving a real-life Mario kart? Here’s your chance, sort of! We’ve decked out a handful of “Super Target Karts,” featuring Mario, Luigi and Princess Peach. So go ahead, leave Bowser in the dust as you do your Target run.”

Ugh. So that means if we have our kids with us, they’re going to beg for one of the few Mario Kart carts and then possibly mow people down while we mull over our face wash options? And that’s assuming we can get one and they aren’t throwing a fit because there are no Princess Peach carts left.

We adore you, Target. We’re trying, here. Really.

The carts aren’t the only way the store is ringing in the new Mario Kart game. They’ve also made their famous red bollards into giant Mario and Luigi heads, just for the occasion.

Hopefully, they won’t go rolling into the parking lot, though that might make for a high-stakes and very exciting game of Don’t Let The 2-Ton Rolling Mario Head Wreck Your New Honda Odyssey. Such fun.

They’re also decking out store entrances to look like the starting line of a race with motion sensors to start up flashing lights and the iconic Mario theme song.

Image via Target

OK, that part sounds pretty cool. Walking through the doors holding a latte like, it’s a-me! A woman about to spend half her paycheck at Target!

The promotion goes until April 28th, so this first-time event (Target has never decorated their carts before) is truly a unique experience. Let’s just hope no one gets run over in the process.

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