Target Has The Valentine's Gift Your Family Needs ASAP

by Rachel Garlinghouse
Originally Published: 
Scary Mommy and Target

Every Saturday morning, my husband makes the kids breakfast while I sleep in. He doesn’t just pour some milk and cereal in bowls or heat up oatmeal. Instead, he’s Mr. Best Dad Ever because he asks each of our four kids what they’d like to order. The options include French toast or pancakes and their choice of fruit, but they can also select how they’d like their eggs cooked. Saturday morning breakfasts are a win-win-win. I’m blissfully sleeping, the kids are full, and dad gets the cool parent award for the day.

Thanks to the mothership I call Target, there’s a new way to make breakfast magical, just in time for Valentine’s Day. Target has a heart-shaped waffle maker. And get this — it’s only $10.

Sure, you could go with the traditional Valentine gifts of chocolate, flowers, or jewelry for your partner, but I’m going to call yawn on those. They’re predictable. Plus, it’s right after the holiday season, and your credit card statements are begging you to stop dropping cash like you’re a Kardashian. A $10 gift for the fam is practical — and it can be used all year long.

Not only are the golden-brown waffles absolutely adorable, but come on. Who doesn’t love carbs? Sprinkle some sliced fruit and powdered sugar on top—if you’re fancy like that—or just pour on syrup. However you choose to dress them up, they are a work of Cupid art.

If you don’t have time to make your fam a faux-gourmet breakfast on Valentine’s Day morning, you’re in good company. Weekday mornings are beyond hectic in my home. Instead of cramming the yummy fun into your already-chaotic morning, whip up some waffles the night before. Let them cool, and then make your kids a PB&J—or deli sandwich—on heart waffles for their lunchboxes. Voila!

If you’re lucky enough to find the heart-shaped waffle maker in your local Target store, great. It’s worth a trip—because there are always treasures to be found. But if not, you can order the small appliance via the Target app or website.

Oh, and if you don’t love the red waffle maker? There’s also pink—because of course there is. Target knows we need options.

Just in case waffles aren’t your thing, no prob. Target’s Bullseye’s Playground is crammed with Valentine Day goodness for those of us trying to stick to a budget. You can find pink, white, and red greeting cards, bath products, craft supplies, and home décor. I’ve spotted mini bottles of glitter that I didn’t know I needed—and have no clue what I’d do with. If you’re lucky, you’ll nab the coveted $5 two-tier white tray that everyone is talking about.

Can we please talk about the $4 and $5 coffee cups? I’m crushing on the “You’re like really pretty” one from Bullseye’s Playground—because who doesn’t love Mean Girls? I’m a firm believer that you can never have too many cute or snarky coffee mugs—or too much coffee.

Maybe you’re celebrating Galentine’s Day instead—and guess what? Target has items for that, too. Just dig around the many shelves in the mecca of all-things-happy and snag a card and some fairy light strands for your bestie.

Whatever floats your Valentine boat, you will surely find it at Target. Now, please excuse me. I have waffles to make.

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