Twitter Rant Nails Why GOP's Plan To Cut Adoption Assistance Is Bullsh*t

by Mike Julianelle
Image via Twitter/Brandon Jones

One Twitter user laid out exactly how the plan hurts prospective parents

In their ongoing effort to victimize as many groups of people as possible with a tax plan that already benefits the rich and does little for anyone else, the GOP can add another target to their list: parents who adopt.

Brandon Jones, a web developer with Google and an adoptive parent himself, took to Twitter to explain how.

Brandon starts his long but worthwhile thread with a tiny bit of background about why this issue is important to him.

He explains, in case you didn’t know, how grueling and costly the adoption process usually is.

And then he dives into the GOP’s new tax plan, which eliminates existing adoption assistance programs, which, he posits, will definitely prevent people from being able to adopt because it’s too expensive without some help.

He knows supporters of the plan will have their straw man arguments for why maybe it’s a good thing for people who can’t afford adoption to not have kids.

He breaks it down in terms people can understand, so long as the numbers don’t give them a heart attack.

So what do you do, he asks?

There isn’t much to be done, unfortunately, which is why the assistance programs are so essential.

For many, if not most of us, children create a financial burden. But it’s worth it.

You’d think the supposedly pro-family Republican party would agree. But actions speak louder than words.

Jones knows that this is far from the only issue with the GOP’s tax plan.

But making it harder for people to adopt won’t stop others from putting their kids up for adoption.

Which has many long-term ramifications.

The whole thing makes him sick.

It should make you sick too.