Taye Diggs Isn't Taking Anything For Granted


Taye Diggs Isn’t Taking Anything For Granted

by Alison Bucalo

Summer camps have been canceled this summer because of Covid19. Every family is taking this news a bit differently. I pulled all my hair out, cried and locked myself in the bathroom for a few hours. Taye Diggs, however, is taking it in stride. Taye and his ten year old son, Walker, are making the best of camping at home this summer. Subscribe to Scary Mommy TV https://bit.ly/3bBD9VI

Taye Diggs, became a single father after he and Idina Menzel split up in 2013. They share custody of their son and Taye has taken to making the best of every moment he gets with Walker.

So, what is Taye Diggs doing now that there is no camp for kids this summer? Taye says he’s partnering up with Quaker Chewy, who is doing something called, Camp Chewy. To join Camp Chewy, all you have to do is go to their website, nocampnoproblem.com, where you can enter sweepstakes. But most importantly, Camp Chewy is encouraging parents to get outside with their kids and create their own camps.

For Taye and his son, a summer camp at home means spending quality time together they normally don’t have. Taye and his son are making this an opportunity to take walks together and play board games.

Still, every family needs its breaks from each other. For example, I have a designated safe room that I escape to when I need some time away from family-I call it the bathroom. Taye says Walker needs that time and space from him and he happily gives it. As Taye puts it, “Ten year olds are just old enough to think they know what’s going on, but emotionally they’re still young.” And the greatest thing a parent can have right now is patience. You can say that again!

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