Taylor Swift Brings Back "Let It Go" To The Chagrin Of Moms Everywhere

by Anna Gebert

Oh hi there! Have you ever heard of this movie called Frozen? It’s about two isolated princess sisters, Elsa (who has infinite power over the dominion of ice and snow but zero social graces) and Anna (plain, sacrificial) who endeavor to properly claim their rightful place as leaders of a kingdom after Elsa goes rogue. They get assisted by magical rock trolls, a guy who converses with his pet reindeer, and a sexually ambiguous talking snowman named Olaf. No? Well, welcome back from Mars, because it was released in 2013 to the chagrin of mothers everywhere as it became all Elsa, and all “Let It Go” sing-a-longs, all the time.

Mothers have just recently started to feel some relief during the long lull between Frozen movies, but we were uncomfortably thrust back into the madness last night with a twofer: first, it was Halloween, so the blue dresses and blonde wigs were out in full force yet again among the trick-or-treating set; and second, Taylor Swift wrapped up her North American 1989 tour by hitting the stage to duet on “Let It Go” in a sexy Olaf (?) costume with the voice of Elsa herself, Idina Menzel, dressed in the sparkly gown that inspired girls everywhere to break out their inner pageant queen.

Menzel opened the performance by working her impressive pipes as Elsa (for probably the millionth time, poor girl), and as the reindeer-costumed band reached the crescendo both Swift and Menzel stripped their costumes to resume their own very grown-up identities. Swift posted a clip of the performance on her Instagram account, saying, “Frozen totally happened tonight. And 55,000 people sang ‘Let it Go’ so loudly, it nearly took my breath away. Good times.”

I get the appeal of going to a concert and singing along with your favorite artist. But “Let It Go” is not a Taylor Swift song, and it’s doubtful that her entire audience is comprised of girls who were aged 4-12 when the movie first came out. So who’s singing along to this disturbingly catchy empowerment tune that just won’t die? You can’t even get 55,000 people to sing along to the National Anthem at the Super Bowl. Who is still giving power to this soundtrack? I know there’s another Frozen movie coming out in the next few years, but until then, I vote we take a seat and put the movie – and its music – back on ice.