First Grader Sneaks Her Kittens Into School And People Are Relating

by Cassandra Stone
Image via Facebook

Come on, who wouldn’t want to snuggle kittens during school?

Amidst a sea of back-to-school stress, parental supply rants, and getting back into the weekday groove, it’s nice when the universe provides us with a reminder that sometimes little kids are just the best.

Take this little first-grader, for example. She decided she needed a little boost during her school day — as we all do — so she took matters into her own hands. Her teacher shared the surprise she found in her student’s backpack, and the photo she shared on her page quickly went viral.

“They tell teachers to be prepared for anything, but I was not ready to open a book bag this morning and find two kittens,” the teacher writes.

OMG. If ever an occasion called for multiple heart-eyed kitty emojis, this is it.

“My student said she even put food in there and wanted to keep them at her desk to cuddle with after she finished her work. Gotta love first grade.”

Indeed. Who couldn’t benefit from a little snuggle sesh after doing a little spelling or addition? What a little sweetheart. It also appears no kittens were harmed during Operation: Smuggle And Snuggle.

Popular Facebook page “Love What Matters” picked up the post, and the story has inspired plenty of people to share their own similar experiences in the comments section. Because as we all know, there are few things the internet loves more than kittens. It’s enough to make you sorry you’re not an elementary school teacher, because these stories are hilarious and adorable.

Now that’s like the real life version of If You Take A Mouse To School, is it not?

Sounds like something out of a movie and we love it.


Bringing our pets to school should just be the norm, tbh.


GigaPets! We love this throwback almost as much as the story.

Now this is a comment that reminds us that kids can be both the best and the worst.

Who wants to bet any one of these children sneaks pets in their college dorm rooms someday? It doesn’t matter how old you are, sometimes you just need to snuggle the stress away. What better way to do that with an animal you love? Maybe minus the snakes and mice, though.