Preschool Teacher Lunch Shames Mom For Sending Her Kid To School With Cake

by Mike Julianelle
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The note let the mom know cake is a no-no

Australian preschool teachers don’t mess around. One mom found that out the hard way when she opened her child’s lunchbox after a day of school and found a note giving her the business for having included chocolate cake with her kid’s lunch.

And we thought Michelle Obama was fierce!

The “incident” has drawn a strong reaction online, after a friend of the mom in question shared a picture of the note on Facebook, complete with indignant commentary.

“My friend (mother of 8 healthy children, what follows relating to no. 7) received this today from her 3 year old’s kindy. I told her to put in two slices tomorrow and tell them to get lost.”

It’s not every day a preschool teacher takes someone besides one of her students to task, and Facebook isn’t happy about it. The comments under the aforementioned post are full of people attacking the teacher both for overstepping her bounds and for the manner in which she relayed the message.

As you can see, the prevailing sentiment seems to be that parents know what’s best for their kids, and that a little treat with lunch isn’t the end of the world.

Childhood obesity is no joke, and it’s nice to see the teacher paying such close attention, but unless the kid brings in a slice of cake every day, maybe she could let it slide this time? When I was a kid, my mom often included a Hostess cupcake with my lunch and I turned out to be perfectly healthy. And I grew up loving them so much that we served them in lieu of cake at my wedding!

The original posted even added a little background that makes her judgment seem even more out of place:

Maybe next time a note suggesting a quick conversation – about what’s in the cake, what the kid eats at home, exactly what the teacher’s concerns are – might be a bit more constructive than a condescending note meant to shame a mom for attempting to brighten her kid’s day with a bit of dessert. And it might keep social media from having a field day.

To be honest, the lady has eight kids. I’m surprised there was any cake left.

One commenter agrees, and boils it down to what really matters:

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