Behind Every Successful Student, You'll Find A Teacher

by Regan Long
Originally Published: 
Regan Long

Until you have had the distinct privilege to teach, you will never fully know what goes on behind that closed (or even open) classroom door.

Despite what some assume, teachers are overworked and underpaid.

Despite that some claim they have perfect hours and more than adequate time off, teachers don’t clock out at 3 p.m. nor do they stop working the first week of June.

Despite what some believe, teachers have arguably one of the most rewarding yet draining occupations there is. Period.

And there are a few other things you may not know about teachers.

For quite some time, they have been in an unknown territory of being able to have full, creative control over how to educate their students. Now teachers are being forced to conform to new practices that may very well may not be the best way to teach our children.

But it doesn’t matter…

Teachers treat their students as if they were their own children, because frankly, for 40 hours each week, those students are their own children.

They stay up late and work on weekends; they work on their days off and, likewise, work while on vacation.

Teachers encourage their students to push a little further, to think outside the box, and leave these children knowing what it feels like to have a true advocate in their corner.

Teachers inspire their students to go after the impossible, to dream really big dreams, and to remain diligent in pursuit of their passions and talents.

Teachers motivate their students to try just one more time, even when it’s hardest and they feel like giving up.

Teachers push themselves past their own limits, while demonstrating this persistent drive to the young eyes watching them.

Teachers uplift their students, and in many cases, they are a child’s only safe haven.

Teachers have the ability to turn a situation around, and with that, they hold the power to turn an entire life around.

Teachers show up and stand up for the incredible and hopeful youth that they get to call theirs for 180 days.

Behind every successful student, behind each Navy Seal, entrepreneur, engineer, musician, behind every writer, caretaker, artist, behind every thriving individual, there was a teacher who impacted their life

There was a teacher coaching them, molding them, and guiding them to become the best version of themselves.

You see, to teach is to forever impact a life.

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