Awww: Team USA Chants 'Doctor Biden' At The Olympics

by Madison Vanderberg
Christian Petersen/Getty Images

Jill Biden is met with cheers for herself at the Olympics

Dr. Jill Biden, first lady and lover of the Olympics, took her first solo international trip on behalf of the U.S.A to cheer on our athletes competing in the Tokyo Olympics Games as President Joe Biden stayed home to, you know, deal with the pandemic. Not only was it sweet to see Jill in her Team USA garb as she supported the athletes, but when she showed up to a swim event, the team cheered for her.

FLOTUS was, presumably, humbled as Team USA swimmers chanted “Doctor Biden **clap clap clapclapclap**” as she entered the aquatic center. Jill responded with a sweet, “Thank you” and a wave.

When you go to the Olympics, you expect lots of cheering, but it’s usually for the team and not for you. But then again, when an icon like Dr. Jill Biden appears, you respond in kind. Jill responded to the Team USA swimming bunch on Twitter, as well, writing, “back at you, U-S-Swimming” and the clapping emoji.

Jill was all over the Olympics on Saturday, July 24, 2021.

She attended a women’s 3×3 basketball game, cheered on the swimmers during their preliminary heats, and caught the second half of the U.S. women’s soccer game against New Zealand. She even gave the basketball team a little pep talk.

Jill attended the games in a deeply patriotic getup, which was actually designed for the Olympians by Ralph Lauren, who has created the team getups since 2008. So like, if a navy sport coat with an Olympic logo is your thing, you can buy one here.

Christian Petersen/Getty Images

She later held a watch party for the softball game and said, referring to her outfit, “I’m really excited for this game, aren’t you? As you can see I’m all decked out,” Jill told reporters (via Axios).

Morale isn’t quite the same at this year’s Olympic games as in previous years. There are no spectators and the host country, Japan, is under a state of emergency due to the pandemic. To show her support, Jill also wrote a moving open letter to the American athletes, reminding them of the great accomplishments they’ve made.

“Your journey to Tokyo likely started at a young age, the first time you picked up a ball or jumped in the water, the first ride that made you feel truly free or when the backflip you thought was impossible suddenly wasn’t,” Jill wrote. “Becoming an Olympian is a rare accomplishment in a normal time, but you did it during a global pandemic…Your entire nation is cheering you on and we are grateful for what you’ve given us: the chance to come together in common awe and appreciation for your accomplishments and the shared joy of rooting for our country on the edge of our seats.”