Brilliant Teen Boys Figure Out How To Profit From PMS

by Valerie Williams
Image via Shutterstock

A pair of enterprising teenage boys came up with a unique idea to help women when they’re feeling their worst: during their periods. They created “PMS” boxes full of goodies aimed to take the edge off the cramps, bloating and emotional turmoil so many of us experience each month. Why did no one think of this before, and where can we sign up?

Ashton Onesko and Luke Buchy, both 19, are the entrepreneurial minds behind The PMS Package, a company that’s taken off in a rather short period (pun intended) of time. According to People, the idea stemmed from Buchy’s younger sister suggesting it and quickly grew. Only four months ago, they began their Twitter account and it’s now at over 114,000 followers.

From their website, the mission: “Here at the PMS Package, we strive to ensure you are comforted at your time of the month. We provide all your wants and cravings delivered specifically when you need it most. From different assortments of candy to your favorite movies, our packages have it all! We have three select packages for you to choose from; mini, featured, and executive.” Here are the offerings.

Image via The PMS Package

These are the December packages and they change seasonally, which is fun. As far as two teenage boys knowing what women want around that special time of the month, they don’t go in blind. Onesky says they consult a team of women to get a feel for what would be best to include. “We have a team of girls who bounce ideas back and forth to decide the most comforting items to put into the packages. We also get feedback from our customers by running Twitter polls to see what they would want in the packages. We like to stick with the most comforting items, along with snacks to enjoy.”

There are so many monthly subscriptions available and they can be a fantastic gift if you want to remind someone every month that you care about them. This one is sort of specific, but has wide appeal for obvious reasons. What better for the lady in your life than treats to comfort her when she’s dealing with her period? This is especially great for the teenage girl only beginning to learn of the years of period hell ahead of her. If you have a teen daughter, this could be a very welcome present.

We can all remember in high school, the absolute horror if a boy found out you had tampons in your bag — periods were only spoken of in hushed voices and we probably weren’t openly discussing PMS symptoms with our brothers. This shows real progress, that young men are this in tune with how annoying and burdensome periods can be and are sympathetic to it. Sure, it’s making them money, but they could’ve done that in many other ways. It’s nice to think that the way young people view menstruation has changed so much. It’s simply a natural occurrence that happens to most women every month and these guys know that the best thing anyone can do is sympathize. And send snacks.