Teen’s Response To Boy’s Request For ‘Shower Selfie’ Is Perfection

by Valerie Williams
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Teen girl’s hilarious “shower selfie” goes viral

In this modern day nightmare of our kids having constant access to the internet, we parents have been presented with an array of sticky issues to deal with. Kids are able to trade photos that could ruin their lives in a matter of seconds, and that knowledge is enough to make us want to seal our kids in an underground bunker forever.

But since we can’t do that (or can we?), take comfort knowing that some teens have pretty good judgment when it comes to what they send their friends. Like this girl who responded to some douchebag’s “shower selfie” request in the best way possible.

According to BuzzFeed, 16-year-old Reese Hebert was taking a shower recently when a boy she went to school with texted her. Hebert says she didn’t even know the boy had her number, but he obviously felt quite comfortable considering what he told her to do. “He asked me what I was doing and since I was in the shower I said I was in the shower, and he asked to see.”

Vomit chunks rising. Can I please keep my kids little and away from smartphones until the end of time?

Hebert, however, handled the situation like a total champ. A totally hilarious champ, that is.

Saying she’s “not the type to just send stuff like that,” the teen had something better in mind.

Yes, she did just send a goofy photo of herself wearing an umbrella hat. Which is much nicer than this teenage asshole deserved. Hebert says, “I needed to spend $20 on Amazon Prime now and I was $3 short so I was just looking for something to get and I found the umbrella hat and I thought it was so funny so I got it and I thought I would never use it.”

And now we all know what to buy the next time we’re short of getting free shipping.

Hebert got an amazing response after posting the texts and photo on Twitter with other users showing off their own umbrella hat selfies too.

Isn’t this reassuring to see for those of us who have yet to delve into the terrifying teen years with our kids? My daughter is nine and inching closer each day to full-fledged tweenage-hood. She has asked for a phone several times already, and I know I won’t be able to hold her off once she hits middle school. At that point, I can only hope her father and I have instilled enough good judgment in her that if some dumb boy asks for nudes, she will either tell him to fuck off or epically troll him, a la Reese. The teen years are a scary prospect, for sure, so it’s nice to know that maybe she will be OK after all.

As for her teenage nude requester, it seems the umbrella hat scared him off. “He hasn’t replied to me to this day,” Hebert says.

Good. Keep it that way.


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