5 Natural Ways To Ease Your Teen Into Proper Hygiene

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Teenager looking into mirror, inspecting themselves

There comes a time in every mom’s life when she’s gotta face facts. The musky-smelling, sweaty, grimy facts that her teenager, well, stinks. Hey, it’s not their fault (#hormones), but something has to be done about it or you’ll spend a small fortune in scented candles and air fresheners.

When it’s time to talk to your teen about upgrading their hygiene habits, there’s a better way to do it. There are natural items that work really well for teen stinkiness without introducing harsh chemicals, fragrances and unpronounceable ingredients. Because even though they’re not babies anymore, moms still care about what their kids are putting on their skin, right?

If your (once) little one is not a kid but not yet a grownup, they’re probably managing their own hygiene, or getting there. Here are some soothing, gentle selections to soothingly and gently add to their bathroom cabinets.

Smelly Feet Spray

One of the first ways everyone in the family starts to notice someone in the house is changing is the funk that comes from shoes. Maybe they aren’t wearing them with socks. Or maybe they’re “recycling” their socks without a trip to the washer. But that smell is … oof! It’s bad. It’s very bad.

You can make a simple stinky feet spray by adding 3 or 4 drops of tea tree oil to 2 ounces of isopropyl alcohol or if you want no fragrance, very cheap vodka. Shake it up in either a metal or dark glass spray bottle and — voila! A natural solution your kid can spray in her shoes or directly on her feet. And a relief to shoe closets everywhere.

Zit Calmer

When you think of aspirin, you probably don’t think of it as a topical remedy. But in addition to the pain-relieving properties of aspirin, it also contains something called acetylsalicylic acid, which is a close cousin of the salicylic acid found in many over-the-counter acne medications. It reduces swelling and irritation associated with inflammatory skin conditions like rosacea and — yep — good old, run of the mill zits. Crush up an aspirin and add just enough water to form a paste. Dab it on the affected area and leave overnight. By morning, your kid will feel a little better about, well, everything. Crisis averted!

Ivory Gentle Deodorant

No matter how old they get, no matter how big and no matter how stinky, your kid will always be your baby. And just like when they’re newborns, you don’t want anything harsh or abrasive touching that lovable skin. So when your kid is ready to advance to wearing deodorant regularly, you’re right to be concerned about what’s in it. Some of the ingredients in commercially available deodorants are…not great. But Ivory Gentle Deodorant has your whole family covered. Their natural formula is made without aluminum, baking soda parabens & phthalates, plus is dermatologist tested. It also uses naturally derived dead sea salt to control your body’s natural pH and fight odors. And it lasts a full 24 hours, which is good since teens aren’t known for their great showering habits.

Water, Lots of It

Staying hydrated isn’t just good for our health, it’s a critical part of our hygiene. And when your kid is dehydrated, it’s harder for their skin to get rid of the impurities that cause breakouts. Most teens don’t drink enough water everyday. So it’s a good idea to actually talk to them about all the brain and body benefits of good old H2O.

Dry Shampoo

Just like with adults, kids are going to occasionally have “one of those days.” You know, the ones. Those days when we rely on a very abbreviated grooming routine that basically consists of deodorant and dry shampoo. But many dry shampoos contain scary ingredients. And they can be downright expensive. So let your teen make her own with pure, natural (and cheap!) cornstarch and cocoa powder.

No matter how big they get, they’re still our babies. Make sure they learn the basics of how to take care of themselves and their bodies. Just like when they were little, they can get clean and fresh without a bunch of chemical additives. And it’s not just better for their health. Proper hygiene is an essential social skill, since being clean and smelling good makes them much more pleasant to be around.

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