This Teen Is Going Viral For Proving That School Dress Codes Are Inherently Sexist

by Colleen Dilthey Thomas

Another day, another story about a high school-aged girl being called out for her salacious wardrobe choices. If you haven’t figured out by now that spaghetti straps and crop tops are enticing and boys don’t deserve to be distracted by such sexy wardrobe choices, then you are the problem. Girls must conform and cover up in order to keep the peace and boys’ eyes on the board and not on the boobs. Right? Fuck all that noise!

Drew Jarding is going viral for his dress code choices. He has been wearing things to school that would be in violation of dress code for his female friends, to prove that dress codes are inherently sexist. It is a social experiment of sorts and the results are equally interesting and totally fucking infuriating. His first video in the series enacts a scenario where he is wearing a revealing top, unbuttoned, and an off-camera girl is spotted in spaghetti straps. The teacher writes the girl up for her violation, but does nothing to him. Despite his protest of the unfairness of the situation, he is told to go back to class. Sounds about right, huh?

Jarding next puts on a skirt and heads to school because he says, “clothes have no gender.” He is clearly correct, but what happened at school? Nothing. He got some stares from the security guards, however he didn’t report any negative repercussions. Not only was he in a skirt, but that sucker was short, no doubt a girl would have been reprimanded.

On the third day of wearing clothes that would get the girls in trouble, he stood in front of his whole class and then the cafeteria attempting to make a spectacle of himself and to get noticed. Nothing was said. The blind eye that was turned to his clothing choices is appalling. But it isn’t really that surprising.

He showed up at school one day in a crop top unbuttoned very low and stood next to girl friends who were wearing similar outfits. He later showed one friend with her write up, claiming that she didn’t even make it to second period, and another who was written up as he was standing right next to her. How can that be? It’s pretty fucking common.

Just this past May students at Bartram Trail High School in St. Augustine, Florida had their yearbook pictures edited to cover up their cleavage. Get the fuck out of here.

Remember the leggings scandal of 2019? Let’s refresh your memory. Maryann White, a woman with four sons, made waves when she wrote an open letter to all the girls at her sons’ school who were sexualizing themselves in leggings.

“I wonder why no one thinks it’s strange that the fashion industry has caused women to voluntarily expose their nether regions in this way. I was ashamed for the young women at Mass. I thought of all the other men around and behind us who couldn’t help but see their behinds. My sons know better than to ogle a woman’s body — certainly when I’m around (and hopefully, also when I’m not). They didn’t stare, and they didn’t comment afterwards. But you couldn’t help but see those blackly naked rear ends. I didn’t want to see them — but they were unavoidable. How much more difficult for young guys to ignore them,” she wrote.

Find something better to do with your time, Maryann. If your sons can’t control their animal instincts when they see a girl’s butt, you have much bigger problems on your hands.

This has recently been a hot-button issue at Webster Groves High School in St. Louis. And boy, did the crazies come out on this one. Maggie Toman was quoted in the Webster-Kirkwood Times with this doozy: “There has recently been much debate over the Webster Groves School District dress code. Apparently, there are parents concerned their daughters are being unfairly treated because they cannot wear crop tops at school. I would like to know these parents’ goals for their daughters — it must not be CEO.”

Seriously? You can’t be a CEO if you show your naval? This can’t be real life. She goes on to compare the district’s rank among others in the area and the importance of things like STEM, but clearly the most poignant remark is about crop tops.

Let’s get our heads out of our asses and look at the real problem here. It isn’t 1952. Women are not seen only as sex objects. We have a female vice president, for fuck’s sake, and I bet she’s shown her shoulders from time to time. That takes nothing away from her brilliance and her accomplishments. A high-school aged girl who comes to school with a crop top on is not the problem. It is the way that our society continues to sexualize everything about a woman instead of focusing on our minds and our souls. It’s truly a tragedy.

A boy violating the girls’ dress code but facing zero backlash is pretty typical these days. Things are moving in society, but it is in the wrong direction. Let’s focus less on belly buttons and more on brains. Thanks for sticking up for the girls, Drew, and showing them that you’ve got their back — even when you can see it peeking out from under their shirt.