This Couple Had The Most Magical Wedding Ever, Thanks To Epic Snowstorm

by Elizabeth Licata
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A young Tennessee couple got married in spite of a driving snowstorm.

There are few things that can mar a wedding quite as quickly as sudden onset inclement weather. A mere drizzle can ruin a wedding gown and send a garden wedding party scurrying for cover, so things looked dire for one Tennessee couple on Friday, when their wedding was threatened by the biggest blizzard the city has seen in over a decade. But they went through with it anyway with the help of some kind strangers, and the snowstorm made a gorgeous backdrop for some very memorable wedding photos.

According to The Tennessean, the 2016 Snowpocalypse was already underway on Friday morning when groom John Pyle put out a desperate plea on Facebook hoping to borrow some warm-weather clothing that would allow his wedding to progress as planned.

“Okay longest shot ever,” Pyle wrote, “My fiancé and I have planned to get married today on the pedestrian bridge. just happened to snow. Anyone have a fur coat she can borrow? We will come get it. ‪#‏thisweddingishappening‬”

John Pyle and bride Jessica Reed could have rescheduled their wedding for a day when Nashville was not being buried under several feet of snow, but they really wanted a January 22 wedding day, because that was the one-year anniversary of the day they first met. A January 24 wedding day would have been just a tiny bit less romantic. So they decided they were not going to let a bit of snow–or a whole lot of snow–ruin their wedding, and the community rallied behind them.

More than 800 people liked the post, and more than 200 commented to offer support and assistance. A young woman replied to offer to lend the bride a fluffy silver fur coat, which made a pretty spectacular “something borrowed” and kept the bride warm during the afternoon ceremony on the Seigenthaler Pedestrian Bridge in Nashville.

The bride also wore cowboy boots with a borrowed silver sixpence in the shoe for luck, and according to Refinery29, she also wore a beautiful, lace 1920s wedding dress from a couple who have been married for more than 50 years. It’s a pretty lucky set of clothes, and a touching tribute from the community.

“It’s just so neat to see everyone come together and take care of a couple just because they love each other and want to get married,” said Callie Ann Starkey, who officiated the wedding. “The city just kind of rallied behind it.”

The snowstorm could easily have ruined the couple’s wedding, or at least forced them to get married on a different, slightly less romantic day. But thanks to the kindness of some neighbors, the wedding came off beautifully and the snow-filled photographs are absolutely stunning.

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