Tess Holliday Calls Out Trolls For Body-Shaming Her Son

by Cassandra Stone
Tess Holiday/Instagram

In her Instagram post, Holliday also fires back at those who say she can’t be a good parent because of her weight

Tess Holliday is a social media inspiration when it comes to calling people out when they concern-troll her over her weight, her parenting techniques, and just generally existing in a fat body. She takes no shit, and this latest time is no exception — especially because it concerns people who are openly body-shaming her son.

Holliday, who was recently featured on the cover of Parents magazine with her two adorable boys, felt compelled to directly call out the trolls who showed up in her mentions to verbally abuse her and her family in her post showing off the sweet cover photos. Especially following Jillian Michaels’ now-infamous comments about Lizzo’s body yesterday.


“Look at how happy, like genuinely happy we were the day of our Parents shoot,” she writes in the caption. “Why isn’t that the focus for some?”

She directs followers to scroll through her photos in the post to see the verbal abuse she has to endure anytime she shares photos of herself or her family. “Because we live in a world where the #jillianmichaels of the world think that our worth is based on our sizes and profit off of our hatred of ourselves, especially if we happen to be fat.”


In the images, people accuse Holliday of not being a good mother because she’s fat, of potentially dropping dead at any given moment, promoting death, and — worst of all — talking about her son, saying he “looks overweight” and teaching him that being overweight is “okay.”

Well, Holliday is having none of it.

“I’m a mom who happens to be fat,” she says. “Yes, I’m aware some of y’all think that makes me less equipped to be a parent, but let me tell you, I know a lot of crappy ‘skinny’ parents.”


To say (and actually believe) things like “if you’re fat you’re automatically unhealthy” is wildly inaccurate. You can absolutely be overweight and be healthy — I know, because I am not, in fact, over seven feet tall to “balance out” my weight, so according to my BMI, I’m obese. Which is hilarious to me — not because I think being unhealthy is funny, but because I’m healthy. Extremely so, in fact. I’m able to keep up with my children perfectly — I’ve got a four-year-old and a four-month-old and even now, I’m typing this standing up because there is no sitting when you have children at those ages.

Stop “worrying” about the health of overweight parents. We are fine. Our children are fine. And if we’re not fine, that’s our business. Just like it’s no one’s business if someone who is thin isn’t in tip-top shape. Just let us love ourselves, okay?

“My children are loved, safe, and happy,” Holliday concludes. “So let’s just like, love each other and be nice?! Oh and don’t comment on my children’s weight or bodies or call my youngest ‘feminine’ for choosing to have long hair- that is gross and I will block you.”