Tess Holliday Explains Why She's Done Sharing Pics Of Her Workouts

by Julie Scagell
Tess Holliday/Instagram

Holliday delivers a message we all need to start the year off right

Model Tess Holliday regularly shares her thoughts on body image and body positivity on her social media channels. She also routinely calls out the media and society’s double standards for women. Her New Year message is no exception, and Holliday says she’s no longer sharing her workouts because it “perpetuates the toxic way we view and treat larger bodies.”

“My first post of 2021 is literally me ranting LOL go figure,” Holliday begins her Instagram video. “Plus size/Fat bodies are literally used as props and weaponized against us constantly. We are sold the idea of “good fatties” vs “bad” when the reality is, we don’t owe health to anyone.”


She goes on to tell fans why they won’t find videos or posts about her workouts in 2021. “I am no longer sharing my workouts as proof that I move my body so that it can be used to further perpetuate the toxic way we view and treat larger bodies. No one is more worthy of being loved and accepted just because they workout or have a toned body.”


She also explains her purpose and hopes her platform will continue to be a place people can come to fully accept themselves and celebrate their bodies. “My job on this earth is solely to help others come to a place of accepting and hopefully loving their bodies now, that’s it,” she wrote. “Whatever you do with your body is your business, no one else’s. What I’m not going to do this year is allow anyone to diminish who I am & my wonderful, beautiful body because they are uncomfortable. Stay uncomfortable. I’ve got work to do.”

Holliday has been very open in the past about dealing with shame over her size. Internet trolls and strangers regularly comment on her posts and while she is a strong, beautiful woman, she admits it does get to her. “I am exhausted & emotionally drained,” she said in an Instagram story last year. “10 years of constantly having to defend my right to happiness as a plus size woman on the internet is something else. It would be cool to have just one day where hundreds of people don’t tell me how much they hate me or how disgusting I am.”

Tess Holliday/Instagram

She may not be sharing her workouts any longer, but here’s hoping Holliday continues to share her message that every single body is worthy of love and that no one determines how you feel about yours but you.