Mom Gives Powerful Testimony Against Texas Anti-Trans Bill

by Erica Gerald Mason

The loving mama asked Texas legislators not to pass a bill that would categorize supporting transgender kids as a form of abuse

Parenting littles is the toughest job we’ll ever have. We don’t get vacations — and what’s more — the love and worry we have in our hearts doesn’t stop when our little ones turn 18. Nope. That sentiment stays forever. We’d do anything to protect our little ones. A Texas mother of a transgender boy gave an extraordinarily powerful speech to lawmakers this week, requesting the body not to pass a law criminalizing parents who authorize their trans kids to undergo certain gender affirming medical procedures.

“Honestly, these bills are a huge waste of time and tax dollars, but we’re all here, so let’s do this,” she said. “When my son was four years old, he asked me if scientists could turn him into a boy. Briggle allowed that she “didn’t understand” initially that her child was trans. “I only knew that he wasn’t like most girls his age and that something inside him was hurting,” she said.

“I’m terrified to be here today,” Amber Briggle told the Texas Senate Committee on State Affairs (via CBS News). “I’m afraid that by speaking here today that my words will be used against me, should S.B. 1646 or S.B. 1311 pass and my sweet son whom I love more than life itself will be taken from me.”

Senate Bill 1646 describes the legal definition of child abuse and on the list of things that count as child abuse is doctors or parents who allow transgender minors to take hormones or surgeries to affirm their gender. Senate Bill 1311 would stop the provision of liability insurance coverage for gender-affirming treatment and procedures for some children.

Briggle mentioned that her now-13-year-old is the “most popular boy in the seventh grade.” The proud mama indicated this is because her son “has parents who affirm him and provide him with the support he needs.”

“Taking that support away from him, or worse, taking him away from his family because we broke the law to provide that support — will have devastating and heartbreaking consequences,” she said.

“If this bill becomes law, that, senators, is child abuse,” Briggle stated in her statement against the bill. “And I promise I will call every single one of you every time a transgender child dies from suicide to remind you that their lives could have been saved, but you chose not to.”

Texas Republicans say gender-affirming healthcare (a decision that should be made between a child, their parents, and medical professionals) should be banned for minors under Texas law. However few senators were in attendance to hear opposition to the proposed law.

“Like many of you, I thought [my son] was asking for surgery, and I freaked out,” Briggle said. Briggle explained to the committee that gender-affirming surgeries are not even performed on minors, “and that there is a whole array of options available for transgender youth, including hormone blockers that are 100% reversible, are not new, and are clinically proven to save the lives of the trans children taking them.”

Numerous parents, trans children, and adults testified before the committee this week. You can watch Briggle’s testimony in full, here.