Texas Lawmakers Consider Death Penalty For Abortion, Think Women Are Actually Going To Stand For This Sh*t

by Maria Guido
Image via Pacific Press/ Getty Images

Texas lawmakers consider death penalty for abortion, because of course they do

In yet another case of “holy shit why is it so incredibly hard to be a woman alive in the year of the lord 2019,” Texas lawmakers will reportedly be considering a law that would make abortion a crime punishable by the death penalty.

House Bill 896 would criminalize the procedure, classifying it as a homicide. If something like this were to become law, women who seek abortions could face capital felony charges, punishable by the death penalty. The bill claims that embryos have the same rights as a human child, starting at the moment of conception. It also alters Texas’ penal code, criminalizing the procedure, so anyone involved — from doctors to nurses to patients seeking this type of care — could face murder charges.

Rep. Tony Tinderholt, a Texas Republican and Air Force veteran who’s been married five times introduced the bill in 2017 because he thinks it’s necessary to “make women more personally responsible.” It likely wouldn’t make it to a full House hearing, but the fact that a measure that was otherwise dismissed in 2017 is even being entertained in Austin this year is, as The Washington Post writes, “a testament to new zeal behind the campaign to roll back abortion rights.”

Tinderholt said in an interview with the Texas Observer, that if the bill is passed it will reduce the number of pregnancies “when they know that there’s repercussions.” I’m guessing “they” is women? Someone should tell Tinderholt that men are responsible for literally 100% of unplanned pregnancies. Literally. All of them. Semen has to shoot out of a penis, into a vagina for that to happen. It’s a very active role. But why blame men for anything, when we can recede into a dystopian nightmare where women merely exist for perpetuating life and have no other earthly purpose?

“Right now, it’s real easy,” Tinderholt said. “Right now, they don’t make it important to be personally responsible because they know that they have a backup of ‘oh, I can just go get an abortion.'”

Tinderholt doesn’t spend all his time obsessing over masses of cells residing in women’s uteri, he also spent some time in 2015 rallying against same sex marriage. On February 25, 2015, Tinderholt filed a complaint against a Texas probate judge who had issued a ruling allowing two women to marry. Did I mention he’s been married five times?

According to the Observer, Tinderholt introduced a similar bill in 2017 that “would ban and criminalize abortions at any stage, direct state officials to ignore ‘any conflicting federal’ laws, and would no longer exempt pregnancies as a result of rape, incest or fetal abnormalities. The bill would remove the exception for abortion in the state’s penal code for criminal homicide, meaning that women and providers could face charges as serious as murder for the procedure.”

There are 120,000 kids in the U.S. foster system waiting to be adopted. Maybe the “pro-life” movement could focus on supporting babies that are outside the womb for once and get educated about what exactly it is they’re fighting for. You can’t say a life is precious and should be guarded at all costs out of one side of your face, then threaten to murder women out of the other. As writer Jill Filipovich commented yesterday, “So pro-life they’ll kill ya.”

I don’t care how far down this Trumpian nightmare hellpit of despair we fall, you cannot legislate what a woman does with the contents of her womb. Roe v Wade still exists. And yes, people are getting dumber by the day, and yes some actually believe that there is something called a “partial birth abortion” and that women actually use abortion as birth control (spoiler alert: they don’t) — but these morons do not get to win. They just don’t.

Jim Baxa, president of West Texans for Life told The Washington Post that the bill was his organization’s “number one priority” — “because it was the first to treat abortion fully as a capital felony, giving those who claim to ‘believe abortion is murder’ a chance to ‘prove that.'”

“A woman who has committed murder should be charged with murder,” he said. Okay, so will men be charged as accessories?

Women have been taking shit for so long that it seems some of the world has begun to think we’re just going to take it forever and ever until Roe is abolished, our rights as human beings to decide what happens in our bodies are stripped, and we’re blamed for all the earthly plagues — while women-hating Republican dinosaurs who can no longer even control their own bladders let alone legislating anything convince the undereducated, over religious swaths of humanity that we are responsible for all of society’s ills.

Well guess what? THAT AIN’T HAPPENING.