Bonkers New Law In Texas Lets Basically Anyone Carry A Gun

by Kristina Johnson
Erich Schlegel/Getty

Have you heard about the insane new law in Texas this week? No, not that one… the other one

A new gun law that took effect in Texas on Wednesday allows most gun owners to openly carry their firearms in public, no permit or training is necessary. What could possibly go wrong?

The so-called “constitutional carry” bill naturally comes as gun violence in the state is on the rise. Shootings in Texas increased by about 14 percent this year, according to the Gun Violence Archive (GVA), so the obvious solution is to make it even easier for residents to c̶o̶s̶p̶l̶a̶y̶ ̶a̶s̶ ̶a̶ ̶c̶o̶w̶b̶o̶y̶ carry a gun.

“This bill, to me, is a restoration of the belief in and trust of our citizens,” the state senator who sponsored the bill, Charles Schwertner, said according to CNN. I’d like to know what exactly he’s basing that trust on, though, because even trained professionals do things like accidentally shoot themselves in the ass — or at least the foot, like the Texas cop who did just that last month. And how about all those “responsible gun owners” who let their weapons end up in the hands of children who end up shooting each other? I’m not sure that trust is necessarily deserved.

Texas cops aren’t exactly thrilled with the law, either. “A minimum level of training is not asking too much for carrying a firearm and it is consistent with the Second Amendment,” Dallas Police chief Eddie Garcia said. That “well-regulated” part of the Second Amendment seems to have gotten tossed right out the window.

It’s absurd to think that someone could walk around with a deadly weapon without ever having any training whatsoever, but hey, that’s good old American freedom for you, baby — just try not to blow one of your butt cheeks off with it.

There’s no word on what other issues the GOP-controlled state legislature and Republican Governor Greg Abbott will tackle next. Maybe a law saying you don’t need a license to drive a car, or even any driver’s ed? And while they’re at, do doctors really need medical licenses? If you feel responsible enough to tackle brain surgery, why should the government try and stop you? I’m sure Charles Schwertner would be cool with it. He’s a trusting guy.

But seriously — I get that “Don’t mess with Texas!” is a whole thing there, but letting basically any random person tout their guns in public seems like a recipe for disaster. And God forbid that it actually does lead to a disaster, because there’s not much room in Texas hospitals right now (that whole raging pandemic thing is still happening).

Along with the completely draconian abortion bill passed this week, I can’t help but wonder if Texas isn’t deliberately trying to transform into a dystopian hellscape. If so, it’s working — and I really don’t want to know what lawmakers there will dream up next in the name of “freedom.”