'Don't Go There': University Tells Faculty To Avoid Sensitive Topics So They Don't Get Shot

by Maria Guido
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University of Houston tells faculty to avoid “sensitive topics” ahead of concealed carry law

Beginning in August, Texans who legally own guns will be able to carry their concealed weapons on the grounds of public universities. That’s right — students who legally own guns can bring them to school.

Some faculty are understandably troubled by this, so the University of Houston has responded by presenting them with several power point slides containing advice on how to navigate the new law. Translation: they’re advising teachers about how not to get shot.

Is this reality? Here are some screen shots of the slides:

You may want to…

Be careful discussing sensitive topics

Drop certain topics from your curriculum

Not “go there” if you sense anger

Limit student access off hours

What kind of university environment is this? Teachers have to “be careful discussing sensitive topics?” That’s what college is for! They have to operate from a position of being frightened that their students may be armed, in every scenario. Limit office hours? Drop certain topics from your curriculum?

They’re clearly being advised to make sure they keep their opinions on the matter quiet as well. “It’s in your interest and the University’s interest to be very guarded about this issue.” Note that teachers are not allowed to ban weapons from their own classrooms or even ask who is carrying one, for fear that the university may get a hefty $10,000 fine.

Faculty members were briefed during a slideshow. A PhD student shared an image on Twitter:

This is the opposite of common sense. Why should the faculty be put in the position of being forced to be okay with this? There’s a letter from the University President that outlines “campus carry policies.” Semiautomatic weapons are fine as long as there’s not a chambered round of ammunition. Storing loaded weapons in locked cars is fine, too.

When the rights of the gun owner trump common sense and safety even on college campuses — what’s next? If we don’t get a handle on this nonsense years from now President Trump (*shivers*) will be arguing about why daycare teachers should be armed.

Our new normal is becoming complete insanity.


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