Thanksgiving, Because of You

by Scary Mommy
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Because of you, 378 families who might otherwise have otherwise skipped Thanksgiving dinner next week will be enjoying a hot meal with their loved ones. They’ll be comforted and nurtured and touched by the amazing kindness of strangers… You…

“Thank you a thousand times over. I will think of you and the amazing donors when I look into my full fridge with thanks in my heart.”..

“There are no words for what your community is doing for my family. You have changed the entire season for me. You have no idea how very much this means to my family.”.

“I needed the money so badly, as we were down to our last loaf of bread, but more than that, I needed a renewed faith in the kindness of people. You and your wonderful readers have given that to me– the greatest gift of all. God bless every one of you.” ..

634 of you opened your hearts and your wallets to help those in need. You gave from all across the world, as far as Haiti, Italy, France and Australia. So many more helped spread the word and offered assistance of other kinds. Hand-drawn pictures are being sent from children to children. Food stamps and coupons and even a turkey are making their way to families in need. Gift cards to grocery stores all over the country are currently in transit..

Together, we raised well over $18,000 in five days. Donations ranged from a dollar to a couple hundred, which means that every single family who wrote a comment asking for help will receive enough to cover their Thanksgiving dinners..

It’s incredible. This whole thing has been absolutely incredible.

Thank you, thank you, thank you, for all you did to make this happen. The results were beyond my wildest imagination.

The happiest of Thanksgivings, everyone.

We all deserve it.

UPDATE: The tally of families helped is now 401, and donor families is 698. The total raised? Over 20,000 dollars. TWENTY THOUSAND FREAKING DOLLARS!!!

P.S. I did have several e-mails bounce back to me, so if you left a comment and didn’t hear back, (either as a family in need or donor) please e-mail me at jill{at}scarymommy{dot}com. I have around 30 people left who e-mailed after I closed the comments, so there is still time to help a family in need!

P.P.S. I’ve learned a lot about organization and the importance of a thing called spreadsheets. Next year, hopefully this whole process will be easier. And, yes, there will be a next year. I’m hooked.

P.P.P.S. I’m going to go sleep now for a million years. Good night.

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