The Answer To Why Parents Can't Shower or Pee Alone

The Answer To Why Parents Can’t Shower or Pee Alone

April 25, 2015 Updated December 18, 2015


People often wonder why it is that parents are always lamenting their lack of private bathroom privileges.

“Why don’t you just go ahead and lock the door??”

“You don’t have to be in the same room every second of their life, you know.”

“They’ll be FINE for five minutes! What’s the worst that could happen?”

The answer to that, for the slow and oblivious is… because, kids.

That’s why.

There’s not always another warm body around to chaperone, and that’s just a recipe for trouble. Leave kids unsupervised for 30 seconds, and you could come back to find this…

Mess Collage 3smaller

 or this…

Mess Collage 2smaller

or this…

Watch Them 1smaller

or this…

Mess Collage 1smaller

maybe a little of this…

Watch Them 2smaller

possibly some of this too…

Watch Them 3smaller

and I sincerely hope this is either mud or chocolate, but given the law of probabilities…

Chocolate or nahsmallerer

And that? Is why moms choose to skip the showers and leave the door open to pee.

Any questions?

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