'The Bachelor' Contestant Reported Missing By Mom -- While On 'The Bachelor'

by Julie Scagell
Image via ABC/Instagram

It’s not often your kid goes missing — on The Bachelor

The thought of your child going missing is a parent’s worst nightmare. But in one mom’s case, she thought her grown daughter went missing — but she’s actually just a contestant on the hit realty TV series The Bachelor. Mom apparently didn’t get the memo about that.

The North Coast Journal, a weekly newspaper in Northern California posted a story to Facebook and in it, highlighted about 35 people who were reported missing in nearby Humboldt County.

But here’s where things went sideways. Martinez, a 22-year-old contestant on the this season of ABC’s The Bachelor and resident of Fresno, was featured on the missing persons list. She was apparently reported missing by her mother on November 18. In her report she stated that she hadn’t seen her daughter since November 12.

The current season of The Bachelor was filmed last fall, and it premiered on January 1.

Fortunately for her mother, Martinez contacted her mom the same day she was reported missing. BUT — apparently no one contact the police to set the record straight. Amy Bonner O’Brien, a resident of Humboldt County and devoted Bachelor Watcher, saw the article on Facebook and cleared things up.

Martinez even tweeted about her “missing person” experience with a little humor.

Mystery. Solved.

For what it’s worth, Martinez is a stand out. She is The Bachelor’s youngest contestant (ahem, 14 years younger than the bachelor, himself). Oddly, her short hair has also been the subject of conversation as she is one of the first to debut a pixie cut on the show.

“My sister always calls me Sherlock Holmes,” O’Brien told SFGate. “I was just scrolling through the 35 missing people and I recognized some of them from news stories. When I got to her, I was like wait a minute, she looks so familiar and I instantly thought of ‘The Bachelor.'”

Luckily, The North Coast Journal got a hold of the Humboldt County police, who promptly called Martinez and removed her from the missing person’s list but not from the scrutiny of nighttime television and a gaggle of other women competing for the same man’s affection.

Martinez, for her part, has proven she’s in on the joke.

LOL. Basically, Martinez’s mom is every mom who’s overreacted to their kid not responding ASAP to their constant phone calls.