Boy Helping His Brother Out Of A Crib Proves Toddlers Are Diabolical

by Mike Julianelle
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Image via YouTube

The nanny cam caught the two brothers working together to make a getaway

Every parent dreams that their kids will get along instead of being at each other’s throats all the time. But the parents of the dastardly duo caught in an adorable viral video might be getting more than they bargained for.

NBC New York has the story behind the video, which has garnered 32 million views since The Lanning family shared it on Tuesday.

The Lanning brothers were caught on their parents’ nanny cam, finding a way to work around the pesky walls of the younger brother’s crib.

In the video, older brother Oliver surveys the situation and decides to use a nearby chair to help little brother Finn scale the side of the crib. But first he has to show him how to do it. So after he dumps the chair into the crib, Oliver climbs in to demonstrate exactly how to use the chair to get over the side of the crib and climb down.

After his successful escape, he stands outside the crib and encourages his little brother to follow suit. The little guy faithfully follows his older brother’s instructions, but hesitates after climbing atop the chair.

Thankfully, Oliver is there to offer Finn words of encouragement – “you can do it, Finn!” – and eventually to help pull him over the edge himself, where, after a tiny tumble, the duo leave the room, surely to enact vengeance on the parents who dared cage them!

Most of the trouble parents have with siblings is, more often than not, based on the fact that they don’t get along. That doesn’t seem to be the case with this adorably mischievous pair, who have no problem collaborating.

It’s touching to watch the older kid help his little brother, or at least it would be touching if it didn’t look fairly dangerous. And before everyone starts screaming “where were the parents!”, please realize that nanny cams can record video without someone monitoring it at the same time. It’s likely the parents didn’t realize it was happening until after the fact.

The Lannings run a video blog called The Daily Bumps, on which they chronicle their days spent raising two young children. Watching that video, it’s clear they have their work cut out for them.

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