The Dilemma: Kids & Money

The Dilemma: Kids & Money

by Team Scary Mommy
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Should you pay your kid to do chores? It’s a hotly contested debate and also a dilemma parents regularly face. To pay or not to pay? Subscribe to Scary Mommy:

On this episode of The Dilemma, our pairs are back at it hilariously debating whether or not we should throw some cash at our kids for doing some housework. Shouldn’t they just do it because they live in the house? (of course they should!) What about those kids who wise up and find out their friends are getting paid to wash dishes? (This is why you don’t let your kids talk to other people!)

Find out what our pairs are saying. Those with kids might have a different perspective than those without. I’ll bet the kids have a pretty strong stance too.

More about The Dilemma: The Dilemma is just that — a dilemma that begs to be solved. In this series, our pairs take on topics like: pooping in public, kids and social media, and text etiquette. Whether it’s a kid versus a grandma or a single guy versus a seasoned mom, this diverse real cast goes at it and leaves us all laughing.

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