The First Trailer For The 'Will & Grace' Revival Is Here And Fabulous

The First Trailer For The ‘Will & Grace’ Revival Is Here And Fabulous

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Will & Grace returns this fall on NBC

Get your martinis ready — Will, Grace, Karen, and Jack are back. NBC released the first trailer for the “Will & Grace” revival and of course it includes a musical number.

The show returns this September on Thursday nights. And while we’ve only been promised 12 episodes, maybe the fan fervor alone will convince executives to invest in a few more seasons. The network released its first official trailer Monday, which was great timing since the internet’s been losing its shit for months waiting on snippets and details. The almost six-minute-long video opens up with Eric McCormack (Will -for the non-die-hard fans) and Debra Messing (Grace) leaving an NBC executive’s office. McCormack’s thrilled about the revival and Messing teases him for kissing ass while she steals magazines and candy from the waiting room.

The larger issue is Messing’s reluctance to shoot the show again. To remind her of the good old days McCormack brings her to the old “Will & Grace” set. They end up waking up Megan Mullally (Karen) from a 10-year disco nap. Don’t worry; she still has a full martini in hand. Sean Hayes (Jack) stumbles upon his old friends when as he’s attempting to book the set as an apartment on “AirBonB” – it stands for “boy on boy,” Jack says. Still not convinced the foursome will still have that special magic, Messing starts singing about her worries with reviving the show.

Before you know it Will, Jack, and Karen are all reminiscing about their most memorable vices (anonymous liaisons, that one blue pill, slapping each other) via song. They sing, dance, snap some selfies, and declare that they’re coming home at last. The groundbreaking sitcom aired from 1998 to 2006 and was praised for its focus on gay characters. United States Vice President Joe Biden said the show helped mainstream America understand and accept the LGBT community. “I think ‘Will & Grace’ probably did more to educate the American public than almost anything anybody has ever done so far,” Biden said.