The Golden Girls Have An Instagram And They're Only Following Betty White

by Valerie Williams
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The Golden Girls now have an Instagram account because they knew we needed it

Want to take a break from the unceasing tire fire that is your social media feeds in recent months? Luckily for you, we have just the antidote — the Golden Girls are now on Instagram, and it looks like they have all kinds of fun in store for us. Because who else besides Dorothy, Blanche, Sophia, and Rose can fix this damn mess called 2020?

A few days ago, the account suddenly arrived (with the most appropriate bio and cheesecake emoji) and started dropping puzzle-piece posts cryptically that added up to one wonderful image of our lovely lady crew.

Voila! Have you ever seen anything more beautiful in your life? I think not. Thank you for being a friend indeed.

Speaking of friends, the only other account they’re following is Betty White, because of course.

The last few posts have given us amazing news like Golden Girls writer Marc Cherry and Jonathan Van Ness’ appearance on the account’s Stories yesterday to have a discussion, writer (Cherry) to superfan (JVN).

That little treat was all in celebration of Golden Girls Day, which was apparently yesterday and I’m extremely sad to say I wasn’t aware and didn’t celebrate.


NBD though, we can 100 percent worship the Fab Four any day by watching every episode on Hulu and stocking up on tons of GG merch, as it truly seems to be everywhere these days.

The last episode of the iconic show aired all the way back in 1992 (feel hella old yet?) but the Girls have never been more needed as we navigate a truly difficult year. Self-care might be a buzzword, but the need for it amid our current environment has never been greater. Thankfully, our Friends have our backs.

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