The Goonies Will Make Your Kid A Better Person

by Amanda Rodriguez
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Every summer, we spend some time watching movies my sons have never seen. We focus on the ’80s and ’90s flicks I loved growing up: fun, beautiful movies I want to share with my sons so the films can speak to them the way they did to me.

This summer, we have tracked down a few new titles they’ve yet to experience: The Dark Crystal

, Labyrinth

(seriously, LOVE this movie, creepy as it is), Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure

(just the first one), Short Circuit and Short Circuit 2

(Johnny Five!) and Beetlejuice

(my oldest son has seen this one, but the younger two haven’t).

In addition to introducing these new titles, we are going to watch the one film we can’t make it through a single summer without seeing: The Goonies. There is just so much about this movie to love: action, adventure, mystery, fun, the Truffle Shuffle. It has everything that makes a person love a movie.

Unlike so many films today that are all about the glitz and glam and blowing-things-up action sequences, The Goonies has a kind of awesome that is yet to be duplicated in a film the entire family can enjoy. If you haven’t watched it with your kids yet, pencil in a day and make that happen. Consider it educational. Here are five lessons The Goonies teaches kids:

1. Brothers come first. And they will hurt you if you tie them up and run off with your friends, but only because they love you.

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2. Little people can make a huge difference. If they pool their resources and work together, even The Man can’t hold them down.

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3. It’s not about what’s on the outside. It’s what’s inside that counts.

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4. Friends are so important. They’re right up there with brothers.

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5. You could have a way meaner mom than me. Don’t forget that.

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