'The Mandalorian' Is A Family TV Event And We're Here For It

‘The Mandalorian’ Is A Family TV Event And We Are Addicted

December 19, 2019 Updated December 20, 2019


When I was a kid, my family sat down to watch The Wonderful World of Disney — all of us, at once. It was an event, a thing we did as a family. The same thing happened with TGIF back in the day, with my mom, my brother, and me. These were shows that hit the sweet spot: things kids could watch that adults cared about too, or at least didn’t make them want to claw their eyes out. Both parties became invested in the characters and the plot.

These shows became a touchstone, a bridge between kids and adults. When I was a teen, my family did this with The X-Files. You couldn’t binge these shows; you had to sit down and watch them together, one at a time, all around the same TV. Now Disney+ has given that back to us in the best Star Wars installment since the original trilogy: The Mandalorian. 

Take a seat Benlo….. from memes

The Mandalorian has everything. It’s got those Star Wars side stories your kids have been watching forever as cartoons: Star Wars Rebels and Star Wars Clone Wars. Except it’s taken that side story, thrown in a dose of the original trilogy’s Mandalorian bounty hunter Boba Fett, created a cool-ass good guy Mandalorian, and then, in a masterstroke of sheer genius, given us the pop-culture gift of the new century: Baby Yoda.

Baby fucking Yoda.

We’ll get to Baby Yoda, officially known as “The Child,” who will henceforth and forever be known as nothing but “Baby Yoda.”

Kids love The Mandalorian for the action, the Storm Troopers, the familiar Star Wars references (Mandalorians! bounty hunters! there’s a cantina! they’re on Tattooine, except it’s not Tatooine! look, a Jawa!). Adults are drawn in by … well, just about everything. And everyone loves that it ties in with the release of the last movie in the Skywalker trilogy on December 20.

This is the first live-action Star Wars spin-off, so it seems like it’s more adultish, and man, is this thing cinematic. Game of Thrones and its ilk raised the bar for TV in general, and The Mandalorian just looks like a movie. It feels more grown-up than Star Wars Clone Wars and Star Wars Rebels (even though Clancy Brown does some voice work in them). Your kids, again: DEATH TROOPERS! BLASTERS! Some new weapon called WHISTLING BIRDS! There’s some seriously on-the-edge of your seat action sequences with blasters! You’re experiencing all this together, watching it together: it’s got something that appeals to everyone. This is the true genius of The Mandalorian. It leaves neither kids nor adults behind.

Then there’s the Mando himself (played by Pablo Pascal), who despite the fact that we never see his face is somehow hot AF.