The Miracle of Childbirth

In the past week, three people have sent me the below video of a young girl watching not only the miracle of childbirth, but her own self being born. I was told to “have some tissues handy” and that it was “one of the most beautiful things” I’d ever watch.

See for yourself. (Or just watch the first few seconds for the gist.)

Maybe I’m just cold and cynical, but I didn’t tear up a bit.

It’s not that I don’t think childbirth is beautiful, because other than the whole shitting on the delivery table and subsequent granny panties, I do. (Theoretically.) But had I been able to watch my own birth experience as a child, or even now, I’m quite sure it would bear no similarity to the clip above.

It would more likely look something like this…



Which I think is a far more appropriate response.

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Kim 1 year ago

Oh. And for people saying this is TOTALLY inappropriate to show a child? Seriously? Firstly, I think a lot depends on how it is filmed. And we don’t know how. And secondly, every child is different. Mine (3 &5) watch water births all the time (ie. no crotch shots, no yelling) & they find it fascinating! I wouldn’t show them a full on close up out of water birth (also I don’t want to see that!). But yes. Like I said, every child is different.

And most parents know what will and will not give their children nightmares. For example, the movie Frozen gave my daughter nightmares! But I knew enough to not even suggest my (older) son watch it because any movie with conflict bothers him. & now I know it was too old for her too.

So yes. I don’t think any of us are in a place to judge this mother for showing her daughter this video. The girl seems perfectly fine. And the mother knows what is fine for her own child!!

Kim 1 year ago

Lmao! Agreed. Somewhat. I have seen tons of birth videos that tear me up. But they are all the peaceful home water birth ones (which my young children love to watch…I know, I’m making them weird, or obstetricians/midwives). BUT I’m pretty positive MY home birth video, or my mom’s with me, would be WAY TOO MUCH yelling and swearing to make anyone tear up (the right way). ;-D

Lynda Mackenzie 1 year ago

This was beautiful! This little girl clearly was delighted, impressed and will grow up with a healthy view of a beautiful natural process! She was also able to see what a joyful and special occasion it was for her mother to welcome her into the world!
My 8 yr old daughter was present for the natural birth of her little brother. Of course it was her choice as to how much she wanted to see, but she handled it beautifully….even coached my breathing for a moment when dad stepped out! She is now 28 and she is so happy that I let her be a part of such a joyous occasion, and now has such a positive view of childbirth. (-;

Andrea 1 year ago

I don’t see what the big deal is or get the negative reactions. Video taping your birth or showing it to you kids is a personal one not everyone is going to be comfortable with but whatever works for your family. We did video tape our kids births & had our older kids at the births as well. They were well prepared to know what to expect & it really wasn’t a big deal. They also had support people with then if they felt the need to leave. We watch the videos once a year on their birthdays. I think seeing yourself be born would be pretty neat.

Jhaylin 1 year ago

A lot of hospitals don’t even allow videotaping medical procedures anymore. Hopefully the hospital you deliver at is one of them lol

Jennifer Archer 1 year ago

I have a birth video of my son. But let me make it clear- the video is from behind my shoulder, no private parts are shown or seen. I have pictures from giving birth but my son will NEVER see those. He is able to watch the birth video since there’s not anything scary to see. I wanted my sons birth taped from behind my shoulder so that I could witness the miracle that I made over again without actually making another.

Kendra 1 year ago

I never filmed my daughters birth and I don’t feel like an asshole for not doing so. There is no way I wanted to see all that. I didn’t even ask for a mirror.

Hannah Fabiani 1 year ago

“I’m very sorry it was just too dark in your tummy” so cute!!!

Erin 1 year ago

Excellent Jeannie Bueller GIF!

Sumi Lineback 1 year ago

I don’t understand people filming births for anything besides scientific and educational study….

Desire’ Linkens Covaleski 1 year ago

Lmao! Nope…it’s a beautiful thought…but the actuality of the actual birthing process is down right disgusting and as terryfying as the 1980’s movie ghoulies, one of them being expelled out of you.
I am a mom of a lovely son and an RN.

Keepstaring 1 year ago

When my 5 year old learned babies come out of their mom’s vagina and so did she, she asked with a look of utter horror on her face: “How big was my head?!?!” Followed by “No way! No way!”

fushia fairy 1 year ago

I had photos of my first birth and felt stupid I didn’t videotape it. I have photos and video of my twins birth though. They are fabulous forms of birth control!

DontBlameTheKids 1 year ago

I died at this! That Kristen Wiig gif? That’s the face I made when the doctor asked if I wanted a mirror so I could watch myself push out my baby. I know it’s natural. So is a lion eating a gazelle. It doesn’t mean I want to see it. (That doesn’t mean I didn’t cry tears of joy when they placed my slimy daughter on my chest for the first time, because I did.)

Bryna Darling 1 year ago

When I had my kids they asked me if I wanted them to set up a mirror so I could watch….no thank you.

Robin Guyette 1 year ago

I can’t believe that poor girl had to watch her own birth! I can’t even watch someone being born without wanting to hurl, and I have three kids!

Withnail Libbi Meade 1 year ago

We are so divorced from such everyday things as birth and death.. These things are a universal truth.. Yet strangely taboo.

Not so many years ago this little girl would likely have been present at the birth of at least one sibling by now. It’s not repulsive, or scary…it just ‘is’.

Dizzy Spades 1 year ago

Just my opinion.

Danielle Robinson Van Barneveld 1 year ago

Haha! I missed where the lil girl apologized. I totally would have taped my birth and was planning on video of everything. And sure I would have showed it to my kids ….. as a scare yhe crap out of them so they dont ever have sex ; p No, really I find nothing “visually ” beautiful about it. It is actually very hard to watch. But it is a beautiful and amaizing thing to see a baby come to this world…. this really makes no sense but its true. I ended up in c sections for both so no birth video for me.

Heather Childress 1 year ago

Yeah no,we didn’t video any of ours and I refused the mirror, BUT during my last birth my wonderful sister in law was in charge of photography, she had the WORST seats in the house! After it was over she proclaimed, so glad i have to have a c section, fast forward a week later when I decided to load the photos on my laptop, thinking she had take the heart warming pictures of my husband delivering our son,cutting the cord etc,the first 5 shots are like a gore fest,and the perfect shot of my sons face looking like Kilroy. So no just no

Connie Eberly-Bartoo 1 year ago

This is not appropriate for a seven year old….but I agree with the possibilities of it scaring a 14-year-old out of thinking having a baby would be a great idea.

Becky Wiebe Alford 1 year ago

So strange!!! Completely inappropriate. Not at her age. Child birth is amazing & both my kids have cool birthing stories but this is just weird. Who does this?!?

Lyla Hafeez 1 year ago

This did not make me cry. Wouldnt it been more appropriate to show her when she is a teenager so maybe it would come to mind when she is contemplating unprotected sex?

Peace 1 year ago

Lol…I wouldn’t be either.

Peace 1 year ago

Omg at the GIFs!! I teared up laughing at those. These umm…full disclosure birth videos creep me out. “This will happen to me?” & “I’m sorry, Mommy”? I’d also be asking why someone has a camera in my face the whole time I’m trying to watch this.

Alison 1 year ago

The idea of childbirth is beautiful yes. But the very act of it? Notsomuch. I don’t think I ever want to watch a video of me being born, or me giving birth. I don’t want to watch birthing videos, period. :)

Terruh T ThatzMe 1 year ago

I think it’s beautiful. I had both my births photographed tastefully and my kids love the photos.

Anne-Marie Morand 1 year ago

Best birth control ever. …

Maeve Rhuad 1 year ago

My son loves to hear the story of his birth. I think that will suffice.

Sarah Byrne Wade 1 year ago

Thank you I totally agree! I think the girl just got terrified of ever having children.

Melynee Fontenot Finch 1 year ago

Nope… Not one tear…. Just feeling… Bizarre… Thinking this child is going to have nightmares…

Heather Gochoel 1 year ago

Yeah, no tears here either. Just questioning the appropriateness of showing a 7 year old her own birth.

Lisa 1 year ago

Childbirth is only beautiful b/c you’re bringing a new little life in to the world, the actual act of childbirth is a whole other story. Giant hairy vag (if you couldn’t reach it to shave, didn’t want to get it waxed, dh didn’t want to shave it for you), may be some poop, blood, mucus, lots of fluid, maybe some tearing, screaming, grunting.
It aint pretty.

Zoey Sparrow 1 year ago

I’m a RN and a mother. This is inappropriate.

Wendy Mitchell Killam 1 year ago

Maybe all kids should watch it then they won’t be so quick to go out have sex and get pregnant lol.

Amanda Hammon 1 year ago

Wtf!! There’s no way I would want to see my moms vajayjay!

Eliza Young 1 year ago

I don’t think it’s necessary for kids to see this. As most of you said I don’t even want to see it. I’m pregnant with my first and my husband will be staying at well away from there with any kind of camera.

Lindsay Ruggles 1 year ago

This weirded me out a bit…

Christy Crotser 1 year ago

I want to be a midwife, but I don’t think I’d want to see a video of myself being born. Lol

Bekki Malone Pagliei 1 year ago

Yeah the nose picking is really touching…

Margarita Marquez 1 year ago

That little girl is now traumatized for life.

Kelly Morrison Pack 1 year ago

My husband has 2 jobs in the delivery room. 1) do not let them put a mirror down there and 2) do not let them show me the placenta. Videotaping is out of the question!

Jane Denton 1 year ago

She said sorry to her mum. To me that means she thought it looked like an awful thing to ‘do’ to her. I wouldn’t be showing my child something like that until she was old enough to understand the trade off-I.e when she’s an adult

Melissa Trahan 1 year ago

I would show it and watch it with my kid. It’s an educational experience.

Tammy Vetter Poitras 1 year ago

When I was in HS, I babysat a kid who had an 8×10 color photo of his head coming out. It was in an acrylic frame on his dresser. He proudly showed me, pointing to the head, :This is me!” and then to the spread open legs, “and this is my Mom!” Yeah… I could have guessed that.

Kassandra Marie Martin 1 year ago

Wow… smh some people

DaBomb 1 year ago

No thank you very much. No cameras and no way my son would ever see that. Holy cow. No way!

Jamie Benjamin O’Hare 1 year ago

I would never want to watch myself giving birth, so I never took any videos.

Liz Marie 1 year ago

I think my 7 and 4 yr old would be excited as they are curious lil people.

Teresa Kay 1 year ago

Wow….. I accidentally found pictures of my sister being born. I swear I haven’t been sober since

carol 1 year ago

aww, i had not seen this. i loved this video. loved the kid’s reaction: sorry mommy that i did this to you! not sure that would be my kids’ reaction. more likely: eww, mom, you’re grossing me out. shut it off.

Katie Young 1 year ago

She just looks bored for most of it

Cari 1 year ago

I’m 20 weeks pregnant and I told my Fiance that my MIL is not allowed in the delivery room because she swore up and down that, if she was, she’d be video taping it.

Gabrielle Harrell Butler 1 year ago

If I would’ve seen the video of my birth I would’ve never had children. I didn’t video my kids being born. Seeing my wahoonie in that condition has never been a dream for me!! Lol

Jennifer Mettlen Nolan 1 year ago

She looks like she wants to barf.

Sharon Hamer 1 year ago

Nope, no tears. A whole lot of “Why?” and “WTF?”, but definitely not tears.

MyLove M. Barnett 1 year ago

Those GIFs are PERFECT. Bravo, Jill LMFAO!

Love 1 year ago

I can’t even breathe for laughing so hard at those GIFs. Childbirth may be beautiful in theory, but it’s certainly not the prettiest thing to watch, is it? I think a couple of clips of mine might give Saw a run for its money on the gore factor…

Mary 1 year ago

If either one of my girls saw video of their births (not that any footage exists), it would be the easiest sex prevention tool out there. Especially if they saw their head come out like this girl did. Once my oldest learned childbirth is painful she vowed she was adopting. Then at age 5 she was hysterical thinking a baby could start growing in her tummy and she didnt want to have a baby, she was going to adopt. Finally I told her how babies were made. She stopped crying and said, “so if I don’t do that, I won’t have a baby?”. I said yes and she responded, “Then I’m never going to do that!”