The Muppets Are Back in Prime Time

by Lauren Paige Kennedy
Originally Published: 

Who knew? Apparently, Kermit hates the 405. Angelenos, be forewarned.

It makes sense, when you think about it. Frogs and highways don’t usually make much of a match—more of a splat.

But after all these years, the green guy is still attracted to swine. His on-again, off-again amour Miss Piggy remains as fetching as ever—and definitely in the picture. Yet she may be in for some porcine competition ….

How do we know this? ABC just announced its first truly inspired idea since the inception of Modern Family: The Muppets are back. But this time they’re filming with ironic remove.

That’s right. This is “mockumentary” Muppets as we’ve never seen them—and from the looks of the teaser campaign, this show is going to be seriously funny.

We’ve got Kermie. We’ve got Gonzo. We’ve got Fozzie Bear, Animal, the Swedish Chef, Beaker, and everyone’s favorite cranky old guys, Statler and Waldorf. (This time, however, they’re grousing not from balcony seats but from an ABC test audience.) The entire cast of characters is here, with an irreverently fresh approach.

Positioned as an inside look at their personal lives and relationships—”an adult Muppet show”—the series is shot with handheld cameras in the faux-documentary, comedic style made famous by The Office.

Called The Muppets, the show is scheduled to debut Tuesdays this fall. Plan your book clubs, spin classes and PTA events accordingly.

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