Bride Gets 'The Office' Themed Bridal Shower

by Cassandra Stone
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Image via Kayleigh Kill

Even Angela would begrudgingly give this bridal shower two thumbs up

When you think of bridal showers, you likely think of the bride’s favorite flowers, quotes, colors, etc. But since bridal showers are supposed to be all about the bride — what better way to honor her than by going all out with the theme of her favorite sitcom? If you’re a fan of The Office, be prepared to be incredibly impressed by every last detail of this amazing shower.

As though it were planned by The Party Planning Committee itself, Kayleigh Kill’s bridal shower has everything any employee of Dunder-Mifflin could possibly want. A customized bridal banner honoring the special occasion? Check.

Image via Kayleigh Kill

The mimosa bar wouldn’t be complete without an appearance from everyone’s favorite boozy co-worker, Meredith.

Image via Kayleigh Kill

Kayleigh says her bridesmaids originally came up with the theme because they wanted to choose something they knew was super important to her. And, honestly, if you’ve seen one perfectly Instagrammable shower…you’ve seen them all. This puts a whole new spin on things — why not go all out for your girl and what truly makes her happy?

Like these beet centerpieces, no doubt fresh from Schrute Farms. Perhaps Mose himself even delivered them?

Image via Kayleigh Kill

“You took me by the hand, made me a man…THAT ONE NIGHT, YOU MADE EVERYTHING AL-RIGH-HI-HIGHT.” You can’t truly set the mood for one of these things unless you’ve got the right scent. Rightfully provided by “Serenity by Jan,” of course.

Image via Kayleigh Kill

If the sight of Angela’s baby photo were to upset any of Kayleigh’s guests as much as it upsets Oscar, they can just smell all the candles to help them calm down.

While some bridal showers are going a more modern route by inviting guys, this one was not Toby-friendly.

Image via Kayleigh Kill

Beet appreciation aside, it wasn’t exactly Dwight-friendly either.

Image via Kayleigh Kill

The sweet treats were even on point when it came to the theme.

Image via Kayleigh Kill

You know it’s a party when “Prison Mike” gets a nod.

Basically, Kayleigh’s bridesmaids must love her a whole bunch because they went balls-to-the-wall on nailing this theme. Perfect execution in every aspect, really.

“Once they chose the theme, they told me and kept everything else a surprise,” she tells Scary Mommy. “The Office has been my go-to favorite show for years. I have a tattoo of a beet and a quote from Dwight, I can win any Office trivia we play, and I just LOVE that show so much.”

If a bridal shower could win an award, we’d give them all to this one. But it actually kind of had its own award on display. Yep, you guessed it….A DUNDEE!

Image via Kayleigh Kill

The bridal shower didn’t take place in Scranton, Pennsylvania, sadly, which is the home of Dunder-Mifflin, Michael Scott, Andy, Angela, Oscar, Phyllis, Stanley, Kevin, Creed, Dwight, Kelly, Ryan, Erin, Jim and Pam. Something tells me they’d still wholeheartedly approve of this party.

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