The Perfect Teddy Bear

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As a child, I had a special bear named Polar. (He was a Polar Bear, after all. Ten points for creativity!) He was my companion through thick and thin and despite smelling like wet dog, I loved him more than any other toy I owned. He was is real, there was no doubt about it. He now resides my room, deep in the closet, away from rambunctious children who don’t understand his importance.

Ben is the only child of mine who has become truly attached to a stuffed animal, and I have become equally so. Bo-Bo is just the perfect teddy bear- he’s floppy and soft and sweet and just represents childhood to me. He’s also been through a lot. He has an interchangale twin brother, purchased by me as a back up in case the worst should ever happen. But, he was discovered, so now there are two. Bo-Bo(s) survived against the odds and has been a part of every vacation, every move and every sickness. Bo-Bo even endured a six month stay at a big box discounter {Read about that here. It’s really a children’s book waiting to be written.}

Anyhow, Bo-Bo had an unfortunate accident last night. Ben held his face up to a light bulb and the bear sustained third degree burns (filling exposed, fur disintegrated.) Ben dissolved into a heartbreaking, lip quivering boy. I wanted to cry. This was Bo-Bo, for crying out loud.

He has since been lovingly stitched up by grandma, and wears his battle wounds proudly. They endear him to me even more. The day Ben outgrows him, I will be a blubbering mess. Bo-Bo(s) will then move into my room, right next to Polar. I think they’ll be the best of friends.

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