The Rock's Heart-Melting Birthday Post To Daughter 'Jazzy' Is Peak Rock

by Madison Vanderberg
The Rock/Instagram

The Rock posts adorable birthday tribute to his ‘independent’ six-year-old daughter Jasmine

Shoutout to our feminist King and best-dad-ever, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, for penning the sweetest birthday post to his six-year-old daughter Jasmine, the perfect thing to warm our hearts on this cold Thursday morning. The Rock, who should lead the national coalition of “girl dads” is father to 20-year-old Simone, who is following in her dad’s footsteps into the wrestling ring, three-year-old Tiana, who famously loves the movie Moana, but has no idea that her father is the voice of Maui, and today’s birthday girl, six-year-old Jasmine, or Jazzy, for short.

“Happy Birthday Jazzy!!!” the Rock begins his birthday tribute. “My baby girl turns 6 years old today. Strong, sweet, independent, happy, creative, confident and most importantly ~ loving and kind. And a WICKED sense of humor. Wonder where she gets that from?”

And because he’s the best, The Rock made sure to tribute his wife and Jasmine’s mother, too.

“And finally, remember this ~ your mama Lauren Hashian ROCKS!!” he shared. “There’s no one better. And no greater woman in your life for you to look up to and learn from.”

The Rock then made his daughter a promise.

“I’m proud of you, I got your back and as your father, I’ll always be here to help guide thru life with my heart and hands,” he shared. “Have the BEST BIRTHDAY and I’m flying home tonight after work to tuck you in.”

In the second slide, he shared a video of Jasmine drawing all over his face with what I really hope isn’t Sharpie, as ye olde Rock just takes it like a champ.

Also, in case you needed more evidence of the absolutely adorable relationship that Rock and Jasmine have, apparently Jasmine acts as her dad’s publicist whenever they are out and people recognize him.

“What [Jasmine will] do is if she gets wind that someone is noticing me — we’re at a park and kids are noticing or parents,” he explained on the Today show last month. “She’ll come up and grab me and she’ll go, ‘Dad, come on! They recognize you. Come, say hello. Come on, you’re The Rock!'”

“She pulls me over to this family. And she’s, like, ‘Here. This is my dad,'” he said. “And I was like, ‘Hello. My daughter wants me to come over and say hello to you.'”

Unfortunately for Rock, Jasmine hasn’t always been his number one fan. Back in 2019, Johnson told People that he began singing along to songs from Moana when they were watching the film together, but she was not loving it.

“I said, ‘You know, that’s Daddy’s voice, and I’m going to show you,’” he shared. “Maui starts singing, and I then start singing, and within 10 seconds she’s trying to put a pillow over my mouth and says, ‘You’re ruining the song.’”

Wicked sense of humor indeed. Happy birthday little Jazzy!