The Rock Shares His Wife's Coping Strategy That Helped Them With Quarantine Bickering

by Madison Vanderberg
Kevin Winter/Getty Images

The Rock says quarantine bickering was taking a toll on his marriage

With work on hold, celebrities are looking for ways to create content and stay busy during the coronavirus pandemic and Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson has turned directly to his fans in a new Q&A series where he dispenses the wisdom he’s learned during his time on Earth. On April 18, 2020, The Rock turned to a deeply relatable topic: How to not fight about dumb shit with your partner during the coronavirus lockdowns.

Before coronavirus, couples bickered. It’s a thing. If you don’t bicker, god bless you. During coronavirus, arguing over who did the dishes is now a nuclear verbal sport. It’s not fun, but there’s a plague outside, nobody knows anything, and everyone is stuck inside with zero personal space, so we get it — everyone is on edge and pushed to their limits.

A fan wrote in asking The Rock how he and wife Lauren Hashian are coping during the lockdowns and The Rock admitted that he and his wife’s “snippiness” is on another level now.

“We get snippy with each other now, we argue,” The Rock shared. “The first two weeks, I was really wobbly, I was thinking ten steps ahead, wondering what work is going to be like, school, what does the new normal look like. There’s a lot of shit we’re all thinking about, it’s a lot of pressure.”

He said he felt like he was constantly apologizing to his wife, saying “this is not my best week, my best day.” However, several weeks into this thing, The Rock now says the constant bickering has given way to coping strategies that he says has had a “positive effect” on his marriage.

He gave an example of how they were having breakfast when he made a snippy comment and then “it escalated.” The “snippy” behavior — as The Rock called it — eventually got out of hand until his wife calmly stood up and said, “you know what, I’m gonna walk away.” She then took her breakfast into the bathroom and The Rock was “left there stewing alone in my chair.” After he calmed down, he walked into the bathroom and started shaving and his wife joked, “by the way I used that shaver to shave the dog’s balls last night,” and like that, the tension broke. He says they hugged and realized they couldn’t even remember what they were fighting about just moments ago and apologized to each other for going “through that silly shit.”

Obviously, The Rock isn’t a doctor, but he is a pretty emotionally intelligent human just trying to make sense of all this craziness and it’s comforting to know we’re not alone in this. Everyone is hurting, everyone is under pressure — if making dumb jokes about dog balls keeps us from lashing out at the one’s we love the most, we’re in.