The Saddest Santa Pictures

25 of The Saddest Santa Pictures Ever

December 5, 2010 Updated January 10, 2017


The smell of pine filling the house. Matching pajamas on Christmas morning. Ornaments passed down from generation to generation.


The biggest thing I miss out on as a non-Christmas celebrating mother isn’t any of those things. It’s screaming Santa pictures, of course. I just can’t get enough of the jolly old man pathetically holding a child screaming bloody murder. That’s just the kind of mother I am.

Since I won’t be sharing my own Santa pictures with you, I present you with some of my favorite’s from the Scary Mommy Facebook page…

terror with santa

Funny Santa

crying with santa

I hate you, Santa!

screaming with santa

screams with santa

screaming boy with santa

crying babies with santa

scared kids with santa

crying girl with santa

Funny Santa Picture

scared girl with santa


scared kids with santa

crying girl with santa

crying girl with santa

Sad Santa
Screaming Santa
Screaming at Santa
Crying Santa
I hate Santa!
Crying with Santa
Scary Santa
Crying with Santa

Sad baby

Christmas tears
There were too many hilarious photos to post, so check them out on my page. And keep posting them! I love living vicariously through you.